Starting Monday

The Daily Nudge asks the Fellows today, “What makes you laugh?” We’ll do something a bit lighter after the heavier talk about death. A bit of balance, don’t you think?

Troy Spradlin has made it on board to share with us in a daily one-paragraph (or more, go for it, Troy!) post what they go through and how they feel as they move and get settled in once in Paraguay. They’re only a few days off from departure. We’re thrilled he’s taken this challenge on, in the midst of one of the most hectic and demanding periods of a person’s life.

I’m also thrilled with the development so far of TFR. The Fellows sparkle with the spirit of Christ.

The Haitian aftershocks are worrisome to relief efforts. May they remind us to keep victims and relief workers in our prayers. I know of a number of Brazilian congregations sending funds or supplies, including SJCampos.

It’s a shame that bureaucracy impedes the process in some places. But there are always those who seek personal gain at just such moments. My theory is that bureaucracy doesn’t stop the crooks, just gives them more chance to create holes in the system. Seems that way, anyway.

What a relief that the law of Christ doesn’t work that way. Perfect in every way, equally just to all, accessible and understandable to all. And not a barbed-wire electric fence but a channel for the power of God to work in every saint.

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