Another step forward for this 7-year-old effort


Almost seven years ago, Forthright Press launched The Fellowship Room as a group weblog of saints who could contribute and interact at will. (Here’s the first post.) In that time this modest effort has grown to include more than 11,400 posts by over 30 Fellows over the widest range of topics related to faith and discipleship in a fallen world.

Today, we take yet another step forward, with a new dot-com domain, which recently became available, and an installation on our own hosting. Several advantages now appear thanks to the move.

  • All third-party advertisements are gone.
  • Bible references become links that, when the mouse hovers over, show a pop-up with the verses in the NET Bible.
  • Shortened URLs are possible. We’ve removed the numbers (dates) from the links. Also, we have a plugin that uses a shortened link using our own domain. Both pluses.

We continue to seek new Fellows—people who can speak to present and future generations in the 21st Century in language they use and understand, while remaining faithful to Scripture. Might you be one?

¶ One hundred years ago yesterday, the modern supermarket was born in Memphis TN. In the day, like many new ideas, this now ubiquitous feature of our society was reviled and criticized. The name of that first one? Piggly-Wiggly.

¶ This morning the Missus cut her hand in four places after a glass broke in her hand. (She’s got the grip of Samson.) But she’s OK, after I doctored her up and bandaged the wounds. And bought her lunch. It’ll be awkward for a few days, but fortunately it was her non-dominant hand. Her dominant hand can still wallop me just fine.

¶ On 9/11 people were trapped in lower Manhattan, after the fall of the twin towers of the World Trade Center. Boats and ships began to spontaneously whisk people away. Citizens responded before government even thought of getting in gear.

Then, the Coast Guard did something equally remarkable. Rather than try to take control or to manage an evacuation that was both unforeseen and far beyond the scope of what anyone could have imagined, they let was happening, happen. The boats arriving were rescuing people, but there were so many to be rescued. They needed more boats. The Coast Guard issued a call over VHF radio for “all available boats.” And the boatlift was on.

Seems to be a great government response: Let the people do it. Might there be a lesson here to be applied across the board? Too bad today’s presidential candidates don’t take this to heart.

¶ Greta is leaving Fox News. Is the network crumbling? Can it rebuild? Or will somebody else assemble a new conservative network in the gap left by the exodus of many of Fox’s top people? As a student of communication, this has been a sad and interesting process to watch.

¶ Just read a post from somebody in Canada listing seven churches “gone off the rails.” I don’t know the person nor those named, but it is true that not a few congregations are abandoning the truth in many places. It happened in the first century, so it’s no surprise that it happens today. The solution? Vigorous evangelism on our part, and lively discipleship of those converted. You know, “teaching them to obey everything” Christ has commanded, Mt 28.19-20.

Ron T. just posted an example of the kind of engagement that is needed.

¶ Based on the KJV translation of Prov 23.7, teachers have encouraged us to positive, spiritual thinking. A better verse in Proverbs for that truth is Prov 15.15, which the ERV captures nicely in this rendering: “Life is always hard for the poor, but the right attitude can turn it into a party.”

That right attitude includes fear of the Lord, v. 16, love, v. 17, patience, v. 18, and righteousness, v. 19.

Attitude and right thinking do matter, Phil 4.8.

¶ Speaking of the seven-year mark for The Fellowship Room, I’m not one for anniversaries, but in 1996 or 1997, I invited Barry Newton to start writing with me on the Internet. So Forthright Magazine was born. Online, we’ve been at it for 20 years or so. Not a bad mark. Those first articles are probably gone forever. But since then a soul or two has been encouraged or edified in the truth of the gospel. We’re grateful to God for the opportunity.

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