How the story ends

Two fellas were watching an old cowboy movie and it came to the part when the cowboy – on his horse, at full gallop – headed right towards a cliff.

One of the guys said to the other, “Hey, I’ll bet you 10 bucks he rides over the cliff.” The other said, “You’re on!” Well, the cowboy and the horse went right over the cliff. The fella that lost the bet paid up.

A while later, the guy who won said, “Hey, I’m feeling a little guilty about our bet and need to make a confession – I had already seen the movie.” The other fella replied, “Well, I also saw the movie before – but I didn’t think he’d do it again!”

It’s a funny story but, sad to say, many of us do the same thing when it comes to our own lives.

Although God’s Word tells us the ending, too many of us live our lives as though we have no idea something else may happen.

Maybe I haven’t seen the movie before, but I have read the Book.

One day we will be judged and we have sinned and fallen short. We would be without hope if it was not for Jesus. If we choose to live through him, we will live with Him forever.

So, the question for us is, are we living as ones who know how the story ends? Have we chosen to live with Jesus?

Luke Bower, Baker Heights church bulletin, Abilene, TX

#christian-life, #judgment