Stray thoughts

  • Wouldn’t it be good if we discussed the merits of evangelistic methods (Miller, Briscoe, etc.) as much as the merits of Bible versions?
  • Mike Riley lists preaching schools he recommends, no Christian universities listed, for men who want to preach. While I might change an item or two in his list, I tend more and more to think along his lines.
  • Another item where our thinking was running along similar lines at the same time: shortly before reading his post, I was just remembering James Gibbons’ Sword and Staff magazine, which Mike quotes in the link above.
  • I first came across S&S on a visit to a widower’s home near Ashland, Miss., around 1980. He used a wood stove in his home and the issues he showed me smelled strongly of the wood fire. From Mike’s link I read a PDF copy of the magazine and suddenly a strong smell of burning wood wafted through the window. I kid you not.
  • Daughter will go Saturday to second week of camp (for ages 11-13) as a monitor. She’ll stay on for the third week as a camper. Our house will be empty of children for two weeks. Has that ever happened since kid #1 arrived way back when? The empty nest is coming. Yeah!
  • Lots of people don’t like poetry, and I suspect it’s from the lousy stuff that passes for poetry. After all, few dislike hymns and the words of a hymn are poetry, are they not?
  • The church needs fewer well-wishers and more do-gooders. The Lord knew it would always be this way, so he urged us to pray for more workers to send into the vineyards to get their hands dirty. Do you know where he said that? If not, look it up now.

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