Struggle with the Thought of Death?

We must realize that not being eager to die and not being afraid to die are two separate things.  Paul was ready to die for the Lord. But he wasn’t going out of his way to see that it happened. I preach in an Army congregation and I recently discussed this with the retired soldiers. They have a mission to perform on the battlefield and they are all prepared to die for their country. However, they will do all that they can to avoid it happening. If they are all killed, their army and country perishes.

If we fail to differentiate this fact, we may feel guilt for not wanting to die and think that our faith is lacking.

I am not afraid to die. However, like everyone else, I fear the unknown aspect of it. Scripture says little about what happens after we die. Sure, there are broad strokes, but the details are sketchy. I am not eager to die because there is so much left to do. So much writing and teaching that has to be completed.

I want to see my younger daughters have families and to be with my wife as we grow old together.  I want to have more grandchildren and see them grow. My biggest concern regarding death right now is that my parents are in poor health and I can’t imagine life without them.

This is a big and complex subject that we need more writing and thinking about. Good suggestion, Randal.

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