Struggling With Death

Do I struggle with death? Not anymore. There was a time when I was scared to death of dying. That was during a time when I was not living according to the will of God. After repenting and returning to living my life for God, I lost that fear. When you are living as a sinner, there should be a fear of dying, because you know what the consequences will be if you should die. At the age of 68and 1/2 I am ready to go be with the Lord. I feel that way especially on days like yesterday and somewhat today when the pains of abused and misused body aches come along in the winter time. Times when they can almost immobilize you. I am ready to leave that all behind. However, God must know there is work left for me to coninue to do. So I wait patiently knowing and hoping for my time to go.

#death, #struggle