Stubborn Judah

Our Bible study on Sunday morning during the Spring has been on Jeremiah. It has highlighted how stubborn Judah was.

The prophet told Judah that “you have the head of a whore; you refuse to be ashamed,” (Jeremiah 3:3 ESV) and later, “Behold, you have spoken, but you have done all the evil that you could,” (Jeremiah 3:5 ESV). The nation’s stubborn, hard-headed rebellion sealed its fate.

Jeremiah had told the people of Judah that when the Babylonians arrive not to try to escape to Egypt. But as most of the nation was headed for captivity, there was a contingent that decided to go to Egypt anyway. Jeremiah told them again not to go (Jeremiah 42), but they wouldn’t listen.

There are many people today who are just as hard-headed as Judah. They refuse to listen to the word of God in the Bible. The Bible teaches baptism for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38), but many contend otherwise. That is just one example of the errors people are making. Many are too stubborn to change. We would all profit from seeing how stubborn Judah was and not make the same mistake as they.