Studies in the Book of Proverbs #14

(#14) A Father’s Wisdom: Be Faithful In Marriage 5:1-23

Verses 1-2: The Thoughts

If a son ever needed this admonition to focus on a father’s “wisdom” heeded, “understanding” heard, “discretion” (good judgment) unharmed, “knowledge” kept, this is it.

Verses 3-6: The Temptation

“An immoral woman” is the “strange” one in Proverbs, or one who doesn’t respect the purity of marriage. Her loose “lips” sound sweet, “her mouth” slick as oil, but to listen to her and taste her is “bitter as wormwood,” one of the bitterest substances known to man. That she slices like a “two-edged sword” shows what kind of wounds to expect, cutting both ways. Her “feet” lead to “death,” both spiritual and the possibility of physical, as well. Her “steps” go to “hell.” Listening and letting her lead will end in pain and punishment. To even think about her “path of life” can make a man become “unstable,” and is an experience a married man should never “know.”

Verses 7-14: The Threat

“Children” involves young men who must listen to reason. Go out of your way to avoid such women, and do not go “near” her door, for it is your “honor” you’ll be giving up, your “years” of faithfulness in marriage “to the cruel one,” and “aliens” and “foreigners” will receive all your “wealth” you have worked for. In other words, every married man who is enticed by a “strange woman” is gambling away his whole livelihood, and future.

Verses 15-20: The Treasure

Your own “cistern” (tank for collecting drinking water) and your own “well” are safe water supplies and become ways of saying: “Don’t drink the water” of another woman. “Your fountains” would be your ability to make children who would not have Scriptural parentage, when your children should only be from you and your own wife. Satisfy “your fountain” only with your own “wife of your youth.” Since most men marry early in life, the safest sexual relationship anyone can have is to remain faithful in your commitment to your first love! Safe sex and deep love are bonds God has based a monogamous, heterosexual marriage relationship upon (Ephesians 5:22-33). “Rejoice” (be happy) with your own wife; view her as lovely and graceful as deer and a doe; “at all times” be “satisfied” with her “breasts” and no one else’s; “always be enraptured with her love,” never thinking any other should be equal or better. Be satisfied with your decision to marry her, always! How could you possibly “be enraptured” by “an immoral woman” whose arms are of “a seductress,” who leads to HELL? There is no good truth in an adultress!

Verses 21-23: The Terror

There is nothing hidden from God, certainly not adultery (Hebrews 4:13; 13:4). A man’s sins are his own trap. Adulterous men will die for their ignorance and in tremendous “folly” (worthlessness) “he shall go astray” (wander off like a drunkard). How wasted are men who dishonor their marriage vow!

All Scriptures and comments are based upon the New King James Version, unless otherwise noted.

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