Study Bible notes: Acts 9

In the comments area below, make your notes in Bible study format (concise!) on Acts 9, using the NET Bible version as a basis. We’re going through Acts this month, as we follow the New Testament reading schedule. We’ll put together the notes in a final document at the end. So enrich our day and the final document.

For previous chapters and the project description, see the tag “Bible study notes.”

Depending on the participation, we’ll consider extending this beyond the book of Acts.

In one of the previous posts is a PDF of the format for the final document to give you an idea of what it will look like when finished. (I’m too lazy this morning to go back and find it to post it here.)

Here’s my outline of Acts 9:

  • Conversion of Saul (1-19)
  • Saul in Damascus (20-25)
  • Saul in Jerusalem (26-31)
  • Peter cures Aeneas (32-35)
  • Peter Raises Dorcas (36-43)

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