Studying Revelation Chapter 6

I am studying this challenging chapter today, in preparation for Bible Class tonight. What are your thoughts about this chapter?

Coffman start his thoughts on the chapter with the wide divergence of opinions that exist on what all the images mean. Personally, I’m not really concerned about figuring out each image. The overall spiritual message is what is important to me.

You really have to restrain your imagination when studying Revelation or you will work yourself into delusion. For example, commentators debate the identity of the rider on the white horse. But, Coffman puts it succinctly:  “A crown in the scriptural sense upon the head of some profane conqueror is impossible to believe.”

In this chapter, I think it is better to take a sweeping perspective on the action. The more narrow we become, the blurrier the spiritual message. We cannot put individual names on these other riders. They are representative.

I guess 6:12-14 are the most challenging passages. What do you think they mean?

I appreciate your thoughts on this chapter in advance.