Summertime and the living is. . .busy

Every Wednesday in the month of June we will have our Sidewalk Celebration at the trailer park in Eureka, IL. It’s our way of taking VBS to the kids there. The first Wednesday we will pass out flyers, the next 3 will have lessons and activities, and the last, a finale at the building with a meal, awards and puppet presentation.

Personally, we’ve planned a canoe trip, Sunday, August 1st, to southern Missouri. Often a number from our community go with us. It’s a great opportunity to spend time with our neighbors and take a worship service to them. They might not come to our building, but when we stop and have a worship service on the river it would be awkward to just float on by us! 🙂 It’s a special time and we’ve made some connections we wouldn’t have otherwise.

Saturday, August 7th, is Giveaway Day in the church parking lot. It’s become a very large event for us. I I just remembered Randal’s expecting a writeup from me on this. Whoops! Anyway, it’s a great outreach to the community. Along with giving away clothes and small household items we also have furniture and some large appliances. We use it as an opportunity to interact with the public about all things spiritual and leave them with an encouraging word along with an invitation to come visit us. This year we will also give a Bible to every family that comes.

Wednesday. August 11th, is setup day at the IL state fairgrounds for Exhibit Evangelism. So begins 12 days of a great work. Our objective–to acquaint people with the churches of Christ and give them a positive impression of the Lord’s church. Since our congregations are few and far between in this state, our exhibit helps people to know who we are and who we’re not. It’s amazing how many assume we are part of the Mormons–Church of Jesus Christ. We set up a number of Bible Correspondence Courses as well.

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