Sunday night and useful gift

I see I spelled wrong the name of Tenn., in a previous post. I was in a hurry before going to Taubate. Haste makes waste, or as Brazilians say it, and I like this one better, “Haste is the enemy of perfection.” Loses something in translation, but there it is.

Glad I was able to give Richard a heads-up about the weather farther south.

I enjoyed John’s post on Philippians, with Guy N. Wood’s sermon points. I’ve not commented on much lately, with my rush to put things in order and prepare to travel next week, but I was grateful for each recent post.

My most useful gift received, at least, in recent years, was the latest Bauer’s Greek-English lexicon. I had to ask for it a couple of Christmases before I got it, because it’s not cheap and my wife doesn’t look kindly on book requests from Santa, but it’s a precious and important resource when I want to research and write on biblical subjects. My first year or so after college graduation I bought the second, 1979 edition. A missionary returning to the U.S. sold the first 1957 edition cheap so I bought it to trace the developments of the Bauer line. Now I have all three. And just recently I saw that Dr. Gingrich had come out with his own lexicon. I hinted to The Wife about a future Christmas present, but her frowns and grunts didn’t give me much hope.