Sunday night depressurization

We had a good day today. I twittered that my energy level and emotional level were down tonight, and wondered if I should find a hole. Daniel (our TFR Fellow, not the biblical one, though ours is biblical, too) well remembered 1 Kings 18:4 and offered me a broom tree. Good one there.

Besides the meetings in SJCampos this morning and Taubate this afternoon (I work with the two congregations), we had a family who works with us in both for lunch at our house, as well as another brother in Christ. So we’ve been on the go all day. Has been busy, but a great day in every way.

The SJCampos church decided to send significant aid to the church in Haiti, so I was gratified by that. As well as a small help on a project for an evangelist that the church here supports in northeast Brazil.

That reminds me, we also had a meeting of some of the men this morning after the church’s meeting, but our meetings are always good and upbeat, so I give thanks for that.

Was gratified by good feedback on my poem honoring elders, “The Savior’s Shepherd,” over the past day or so. Maybe I’ll go back and read a couple of emails people wrote me about it. That ought to serve as a pick-me-up.

I confess to having a folder in my email account called “I need this.” When I feel a need I go there, which is not real often, but those times do come. It has personal emails from some friends and readers, but mostly articles that challenge me to quit moping and grab the blue of the sky, the ripple of the stream and the laughter of the child, to find joy and wonder in the world.

I hope you have such a place to go to.

#emotions, #gratitude