Sunday Night Sermons

A preacher will preach a sermon on a Sunday night and a member of the congregation will say, “That would have been a good Sunday morning sermon.” Meaning, that it would have been good if non-Christians could have heard the sermon and its points.

We ask the question: What is the difference between a Sunday morning and a Sunday night sermon? In most cases, the weaker Christians and non-Christians will not be back on Sunday night. Therefore, we are speaking to more experienced Christians who need a different kind of teaching.

Someone has wisely said that the perfect sermon is one that “makes the saved feel saved and the lost feel lost.” Through that lens there wouldn’t be any difference between the morning and evening lesson. Yet, the audience must still be considered.

If a man is at a congregation for several years, he must cover new topics to keep the lessons fresh. There are many kinds of sermons and an endless variety of available topics. Is it even possible that they will ALL will fit neatly within the morning and night dichotomy? Obviously, not.

The congregation has needs that must be addressed, as well as those that fit the times and culture. When we deliver a sermon, there are thousands of other topics that we needed to deliver at that hour. But we can only deliver one at a time.

A preacher will cringe when someone prays that the sermon will be exactly what the congregation needs at this moment. The preacher knows that is impossible. Each person there has their own individual needs and he cannot possibly address all of them at once.

With all of this in mind, how do we decide what to preach with all of these factors in mind?

Accordingly, I ask you:

How do you decide what to preach?

What makes a Sunday night sermon?

Are there sermons that fit both morning and night classifications? How do you handle those?

I look forward to your input. Thanks!

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