Sunday night sundries

The Maiden traveled this weekend, is due back before long. Don’t know that I’ll get used to her being out without us. She traveled by bus to the capital, by herself, and was met there by friends. She seems fine with it, but it’s scary to me.

Which is better: me doing all the preaching, or other brothers gaining experience by preaching? Paulo preached in SJCampos this morning, Ricardo at Taubaté. (I led a prayer in the one place, led singing in the other.) The men just keep getting better at speaking the word of God.

I’m thinking of another congregation for our area. Pindamonhangaba might be a good city for a new church plant. Though the folks in Guaratinguetá need some help still. Praying about this.

I made a decision this year to stay closer to home and do more in our area of the state. That’s having some repercussions, mostly good. Focus is good. Focus is very good.