Superstorm Sandy affecting church activities?

Any saints or churches changing or cancelling their activities due to Hurricane Sandy? Romney and Biden have cancelled or rescheduled events on the east coast. We wonder about the churches in that region. What have you heard? We’d like to put something up on BNc.

• Jeremy Barrier and Will Bridges visited us Wed.-Thurs., and Jeremy presented his material on the so-called “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.” We had 25 people in our little living room to hear it, some eight or nine of them not in a relationship with God. Another one was out back watching the kids. People were quite impressed with the material. Jeremy had earlier given this material at Heritage Christian University. More on that, probably, in a few days, on

• All 28 or so of those stayed afterwards to eat five pizzas that we’d ordered, plus some other goodies that friends brought. The stragglers left around 11 p.m., so it was a long night for our guests, who held up with a smile and warm attentiveness to participants.

• One down, at least three to go, assigned or agreed-upon articles for both print and online magazines. This besides other writing responsibilities. When they are published, I’ll be sure to tell you, but won’t give them away ahead of time. The editors might not like the articles, so I don’t want to have egg on my face.

• has a slew of news items this month, 22 so far by the archive count. Do check them out. They’ll bring you sadness and joy. Some obituaries, others of accidents, preachers, persecution—you get the idea. If you’re not signed up to get notifications by email, you have that option in the top right column.

• In public we don’t talk, much, about the behind-the-scenes work of Forthright/GoSpeak. Time is short, for one thing. Don’t figure people are much interested in it, for another. But a couple of BNc tweets takes us back both in time and perspective.

The idea for BNc is even older than the very first post. It got batted around for at least a year or two before a toe entered the water.

• Last, a paragraph from Joe Cannon’s book, For Missionaries Only, available online and required reading for every Christian. He passed away Monday, after more than 60 years devoted to the gospel around the world.

One can become an ex-missionary by feeling that somebody else can do the suffering necessary to getting the mission done. This they accomplish immediately by their departure, for many are the responsibilities they leave behind for others to bear. But again, I want to say that this feeling is unbelief. You see, the mission of the missionary is shared by all Christians. Now, you can become an ex-missionary, but if you become missionless you become an ex-Christian. Christ said, “If any man would come after me, let him deny himself, take up his cross daily and follow me” (Luke 9:23). You cannot be a Christian and not bear the suffering, sacrifice and responsibilities of a cross. If we are followers of Christ, we must share in the mission of His cross wherever we may be. If you are missionless, you are crossless and Christless. Every Christian shares in the mission of saving lost souls. We are faithless when we refuse to do this. Is it possible that the churches are full of ex-Christians dwelling in an unbelief that caused them to cease the suffering and inconvenience of the mission to save lost souls?

The man who wrote this never let a storm stop him. What about you?

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