Dates available to speak

As many of you know, Vicki and I have lost support again, and after a new count we lack around $1000 per month.

We have a number of days available to speak to your congregation, eldership, or missions committee about the GoSpeak ministry. We are also available to teach or preach. Please check out the calendar for our time through Oct. 16, when we return to Brazil.

Also, please share this email with others whom you think might be interested in the GoSpeak ministry.

I’ve overcome my reluctance to mention this here on TFR since this site and others like and depend on the funds from the GoSpeak ministry to continue.

This past weekend, I spoke at the Preacher’s Files Lectureship in Middleton, Tenn. Though it awaits some editing, see the video of my session: “You Can Be Sure of the Power of the Gospel:”



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