Sweet, sweet home

You may have seen me tweeting happily about being home. We arrived safely this morning, not too worse for wear, though the body feels it more as age increases.

I’m overjoyed to be home, especially because in the 2009-2010 period, I’ve been to the US four times, and often for long periods, such as two months last fall and seven weeks this time. I’d like to think that I could skip 2011 and not travel again until 2012. But needs may not allow that. And there is, of course, a grand-daughter waiting for another visit from vovô.

The house seemed to be in good order, though it hadn’t been cleaned right before our arrival, as we’d arranged. So there’s lots of dust.

I napped, showered, and asked the wife if I was human again. For all my groans, the trip went well, and we arrived on time.

Though the trip was a crazy road-eating daze of miles, beds, towns and churches, we had our fun moments, and Leila and I began making a list of a few of those night before last. We’ll share that somewhere, at some point, I hope.

Brethren were hospitable, kind to a fault, and we were blessed to sleep in each bed provided us, pass through each town, meet new friends, observe churches new to us. Reminds us of how wonderful heaven must be, especially without the odometer running.

#christian-hospitality, #travel