Hospitality Brought Peace

Rising Joy by Vicki Matheny

He replied, “Do not strike them down! You did not capture them with your sword or bow, so what gives you the right to strike them down? Give them some food and water, so they can eat and drink and then go back to their master.” So he threw a big banquet for them and they ate and drank. Then he sent them back to their master. After that no Syrian raiding parties again invaded the land of Israel. 2 Kings 6.22-23

The king of Syria was at war with Israel. After several attempts to invade Israel had been thwarted, the Syrian king summoned his advisers and accused that someone was helping Israel. One of his advisers told the king that the prophet Elisha was the one telling the king of Israel about the attempted invasions. He sent men to capture Elisha.

The Syrians discovered that Elisha was in Dothan. The Syrian army surrounded the city during the night. Upon awakening, Elisha’s attendant saw the army. Elisha prayed that the Lord strike them with blindness. He then led them to the city of Samaria, where once again he prayed. However, this time the prayer was for their eyes to be opened. They found themselves in the middle of Samaria.

The king of Israel through a big banquet for them and they ate and drank. He extended kindness and hospitality. Afterwards, they returned to Syria to their master. The result was that the Syrian raiding parties under this king no longer invaded the land. This act of kindness brought about peace for a time.

When you extend kindness and hospitality to someone, you have no idea how the Lord will use that to his glory.

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