Anyone left alive?

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

The king asked, “Is there not someone left from Saul’s family, that I may extend God’s kindness to him?” Ziba said to the king, “One of Jonathan’s sons is left; both of his feet are crippled.” 2 Samuel 9.3

David was king of Israel. He and Jonathan, Saul’s son, had been very good friends. Jonathan was dead having been killed in battle with the Philistines. Due to his friendship with Jonathan, David inquired to see if there was anyone left alive from Saul’s family.

David had Ziba, a servant from Saul’s house, to appear before him and he asked if anyone from Saul’s family was still alive. Ziba informed him that one of Jonathan’s sons was still alive and that he was crippled in both feet. David had Mephibosheth brought to his palace.

David restored all of Saul’s lands to his grandson. Ziba, with the help of his family, was given the task of cultivating the land and was to bring the food to Mephibosheth for him to eat. Jonathan’s son was also a regular guest at the king’s table.

The king was kind to Mephibosheth. David treated him as if he were one of the king’s sons. David wanted to extend kindness to Mephibosheth because of his friendship with Jonathan, his father. What David did was not necessary, but it provided for a man who otherwise would have had a very difficult time with his physical condition. All because David wanted to show kindness to Jonathan’s family.

May we be willing to show kindness to others.

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He guaranteed justice

Rising Joy, by Vicki Matheny

David reigned over all Israel; he guaranteed justice for all his people. 2 Samuel 8.15

David was anointed king of Israel after God rejected Saul from being king due to disobedience. David reigned over the twelve tribes of Israel. He was a famous king who campaigned and conquered many of the nations that were nearby Israel. In 2 Samuel 8, it is mentioned twice that the Lord protected David wherever he campaigned.

David was also a man after God’s own heart, Acts 13.22, of whom God said that David would accomplish what he wanted him to do. This does not mean that David did not do anything wrong, but his attitude was always contrite and repentant when shown his error.

David was a just king and the kingdom flourished as a result. Proverbs 29.4 states, “A king brings stability to a land by justice, …”. May we pray that justice will be present in our government.

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