Using abbreviations

Proper use of abbreviationsIn the past, Richard M. has properly chided me for using abbreviations on TFR (oops!), and I plead guilty. So now you can consult a list of the brevs that I use here, if you’re ever in doubt. With the texting going on, things are getting shorter, so it seems I might have an argument, don’t you think?

Speaking of texting, SMS (isn’t that the same?) is celebrating 20 years. So says a headline I read, though I didn’t read the article.

In the link above, I’m using It’s an online application of the amazing TiddlyWiki, one of my favorite pieces of software, maybe more favorite than WP. Another online version of it is at, which I also use at times. TS (there I go again) might just be a good sub for FB.

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Just show up

City anniversary and holiday yesterday, 245 years of official establishment of SJCampos. Though the history of the town goes back to the 1500s. Some government services were closed, maybe even some businesses, but we kept on working.

• The Missus and I watched The Movie that Refused to End last night. Ever see one of those? Ours was three hours long. And a long three hours.

• Woody Allen, not my favorite personage, said 80% of life is just showing up. That’s true spiritually as well, in the church, in the world, for the people of God. And when you do show up, watch God work.

• Phillip Eichman has a free, extensive work at this link on “The Church in the New Testament” (html format). Though he misses, as most do, the literal meaning of the word church (reaching back to etymology), it appears to be a good, solid work that will serve as a good reference. We have three of Phillip’s book on FPress.

• Ironic now that the Internet has freed up physical limitations of space, people use abbreviations more than ever. What has gotten cramped is our time. And we know what haste makes …

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