The Hypocrisy of Our Legal System and Abortion

There is a local story here in Tennessee that has been playing out for quite some time now. It involves a mother a woman who kept her pregnancy with twins a secret only to have the situation become very public after she suffocated each of them the moment they were born.

There has been plenty of head scratching/heart breaking moments that has followed since the details have come out in the trial. But to me, one of the most shocking things is the hypocritical nature of legal system concerning the thing…the crime that this woman has committed. She virtually did nothing any different from what already happens every day in our country with the support of our legal system! She performed a late-term, at-home abortion! She now faces multiple charges, including first degree murder, and rightly so, but how is it that multiple thousands of people can make the same decision but there are no legal consequences at all because they allow a “medical professional” to commit to the murder???

A few things that this case has shown once again are that a pregnant woman carries life within her womb and that abortion is sad and it is murder.

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Hypocrisy on Stage

Let me say ahead of time that my comments here (along with their inserted comments) reflect the hypocritical use of religion by liberal (I don’t approve of conservatives doing it either in case you’re wondering) elected leaders in the American government much more than it reflects my stance on the issue at hand.

Diane Feinstein (Senator of California) had a press conference today (1/24/2013) concerning her proposal to introduce legislation to ban “assault” weapons. That seems like typical duck-tape politics to me, but the LOL (and that’s the first time I believe I’ve ever used that) moment came when remarks were made by a guest introduced by the senator before the proposal got underway.

The guest was “the Very Reverend Gary Hall” (forget reverend, could someone tell me how a man can be biblically called very reverend??? I wonder if that makes the regular reverend people feel a little smaller???) who represents the National Cathedral (not a church that belongs to God, but a bastion of moral and religious relativism) in D.C.. I’d like to say a thing or two about Gary’s comments and the prayer that followed.

Gary said,

As people of faith we have the moral obligation to stand with and for the victims of gun violence and to work to end it.

Statements like this make me wonder in a way that causes exasperation. No amoral law can solve a moral issue!!! It is already illegal to murder someone is it not? Regardless of the weapon being used, murder is a moral issue that this government is approaching in an amoral way. People need to be taught about the spiritual consequences violating God’s law along side the consequences of violating the law of the land.

Gary also said,

We’ve tolerated school shootings and mall shootings and theatre shootings and sniper shootings and workplace shootings and temple and church shootings and urban neighborhood shootings for far too long, enough is enough…I don’t want to take away someone’s hunting rifle, but I can no longer justify a society that allows people other than military and police to own weapons like these, or that permits the sell of high-capacity magazines….

If the issue is about the taking/protection of innocent life, then why aren’t all innocent lives given the same intolerant attention and care by Mrs. Feinstein? If life is sacred (and it is) then who sanctified it? How can you look for moral support for an issue like “gun-control” while ignoring real moral obligations to protect innocent lives who live within the womb of their mother? I’ll tell you how…you find someone dressed up in a hypocrite’s costume with a collar and you let them give a speech. Are the 50+ million innocent lives (approximately 3,700+ per day) that have been violently ended not enough? How can one not justify a society that “fails” to restrict the ownership of amoral objects like guns in the way a particular person wants (gun ownership is restricted to law-abiding people mind you) while finding the ability to justify a society that rips apart children piece by piece, or flushes them down the toilet!? Yes, enough is enough, and the pro-abortion senator who called the press conference should be told such.

Gary then prayed,

Oh God, you made human beings in your image, and you’ve given us hearts with which to feel the pain of others and minds to create solutions for human suffering…we ask all this in God’s holy name….

Where did the separation of church and state go today? A prayer to God (which I am in support of) sounds like religion to me…maybe it’s because he represents a “cathedral” instead of the church? I don’t know (or do I?). How is that prayers at graduations violate the “separation” rule but this didn’t? How is that prayers around the flagpole violate the “separation” rule but this didn’t? How? Seems to me that the “state” only approves of the “church” when the “church” approves of the “state’s” position. Be a contrarian (you could be called much worse) with that and you might be accused of being a “constitution thumper” (oh wait, that whole “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights…” is that little Declaration thing isn’t it?). What solutions are being offered anyways? Are people going to be taught to value life because we’re made in the image of our Creator??? Ah, that would violate that whole “separate” thing wouldn’t it? I guess they’re going to have to convince people who don’t mind violating the law by murdering others that it will be really bad if they do so with weapons deemed unacceptable.

There was much hypocrisy shown on that stage today. It was a show about a political stance, not a stance on a moral issue – murder is already wrong and illegal…unless it’s the murder of victims who cannot speak! Religion for hire is not a religion that brings one higher. Religion for hire reveals a religion desperate to stay in the lamelight. Dress it up in whatever way you want, hypocrisy only washes the outside of the cup while ignoring the nastiness on the inside.

And by the way, Gary, whose name was that prayer asked in again? We have to be careful with that one, don’t we?

May the longsuffering and patience of the Almighty God continue to be with our nation as it has been with us (1 Timothy 2:1-6).

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Guess it Depends on Who is Killing Kids



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Abortion Attitudes are Changing

The Gallup Organization is reporting that the attitudes of Americans on abortion are changing dramatically.

The 41% of Americans who now identify themselves as “pro-choice” is down from 47% last July and is one percentage point below the previous record low in Gallup trends, recorded in May 2009. Fifty percent now call themselves “pro-life,” one point shy of the record high, also from May 2009.

Among independent voters, they report that pro-lifers outnumber those who espouse the pro-choice position.

Technologies such as advanced ultrasound machines are a significant factor in changing attitudes. It is more difficult to see the fetus as a “viable tissue mass” when it is on the screen so clearly alive. We pray that Americans will continue to move towards life on this most important issue.


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Shedding innocent blood

Ron, your final question causes shudders, as I think of abortion having caused millions and millions of deaths; of the elderly who have been thrown aside and often terminated, under the guise of compassion; of the so-called assisted suicides; of what seems to have become a trend in killing small children whose parent or caretaker deems them an inconvenience; of senseless murders by robbers and home invaders and addicts; of drunken drivers who negligently kill with cars. God will not hold such people guiltless. Nor will he excuse a country that turns a blind eye to such.

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Why Won’t God Help Us?

Actually the answers to our problems do not exist within mankind. Only in Christ can we find what we seek as human beings. Sin will continue to be here and everything that comes with it (1 Peter 5:8). We cannot stop it no matter what we do. All we can do is give ourselves to the Lord, so He can help us deal with them (Romans 5:6-11; Acts 2:37-38; Acts 22:16).

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Confused Priorities on Value of Babies

From time to time, some product on the market, like a child’s car seat, will bring an outcry from the public because it has injured dozens of people. In time, the government will step in and ban the product.That is wise, so everyone will be safe.

Yet, when we cry out about the millions of babies killed by Planned Parenthood, the government ignores us and gives millions more in funding to Planned Parenthood. We live in inexplicably bizarre times when an injury to a baby in a car seat is considered far more serious than another baby being torn to pieces and thrown in a garbage can. We want ALL babies to be safe and alive!

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Abortion, Morality, Civilization

Recently, I wrote a letter to a local editor on the topic of abortion and law. One lady in the expanded area took strong exception to my letter and addressed my sentiments in the newspaper (Mattoon Journal-Gazette, November 8, 2010, p. A-5). I was glad to see this; in my view, there needs to be a public debate about such issues (as there has been) for in this public discussion, persuasion can materialize.

Women have the right to make medical decision, we are told. This is true enough, but in many cases this is a ruse for women who have a desire (they call a right) to kill innocent children. More than that, however, women should be given the right to make life and death choices. Note the following, “As long as a fetus is not viable outside the womb the woman’s rights comes first.”  From the “moral” perspective of this one woman, life within the womb is not worth preserving if the woman carrying a child determines unviability. From her letter, we learn that the standard of morality that supports this is called “autonomy.” The word means, self-governing or self-ruling. If each person is autonomous, does the child in the womb have the right to self-government? Not according to those who believe in killing innocent children!

Morality is either subjective (originates with man) or objective (originates in a source outside man). These are the only two possibilities. The former is associated with atheism and agnosticism, the latter with theism. Subjective morality is a standard that changes with time and people and, generally, liberals and progressives will align themselves here. It is this kind of morality that seeks to destroy innocent children, but this is under the guise of “reproductive choices” or “medical decisions.”

What is the difference between a child two months in the womb and a child two months outside the womb? Clearly, both are living – so, what is the difference between the two? If a child is killed outside the womb it is murder, if inside the womb it is choice. That’s a moral standard worth discarding!

Some people identify this with a civilized society when, in fact, it is more aligned with barbarity.

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Harding takes heat for removing items with pro-choice link

Highlighting how we all should be contributing to breast cancer research, since October is the month for it, KARK-4’s website repackaged the TV report to give grief to Harding University for removing from its bookstore items from a foundation that contributed to Planned Parenthood.

You can hear the criticism in the line, “Out of nearly 7,000 students, one student’s complaint led to Harding removing the items.” So why in the world would the administrators act based on a single complaint? Isn’t that weird? Maybe they were acting in line with their institutional convictions, once the connection came to light.

The Susan G. Komen Foundation assured the world back in March that Planned Parenthood used their funds “only for breast health education, screening and treatment programs.” No hint in the TV or website reports that the organization has a history of sleaziness and dishonesty.

I suspect the Harding administrators — though I want to be careful not to put words in anybody’s mouth — would likely agree with this quote dealing with taxpayer money, but whose principle applies to freewill contributions as well:

Giving taxpayer money to organizations that promote and provide abortion, even if the money is not used for that purpose, frees up other funds for abortion purposes and gives the government’s stamp of approval to their abortion related activities.

We salute the university for pulling the foundation’s items from its offerings. Consistency is not Emerson’s “hobgoblin of little minds,” but the essence of integrity.

UPDATE: The items are back on the shelves, according to this website quoting a university press release:

Recently, some members of the Harding University community were concerned that the Susan G. Komen Foundation was distributing funds to organizations that support or provide abortion services. Mel Sansom, vice president for finance at Harding University, agreed to remove two items that bore the Komen Foundation logo from Harding’s bookstore while researching this issue. After further review, Mr. Sansom has learned that neither the National Susan G. Komen Foundation nor the Arkansas affiliate support groups that provide abortions. Therefore, the two items have been put back on the shelves for sale in the bookstore.

While talking with representatives from Harding today, Sherrye McBride, executive director of the Arkansas Affiliate of the Komen Foundation, said, “We have a history of working together with Harding, and we will work together in the future. We [the Komen Foundation] are only about breast health.” Harding University has a long history of working to raise funds for breast cancer awareness and research, including working with the Komen Foundation through events such as Stroll for the Cure, an event sponsored by Harding Alumni Relations.

The site says that Sherrye McBryde, executive director of the Arkansas Affiliate for Komen Foundation, stated that “other affiliates around the country fund mammograms at Planned Parenthood, but not in Arkansas.”

Apparently, the removal of the items from the bookstore was to allow for researching the issue and Mr. Sansom was satisfied that no monies from the Arkansas chapter went to Planned Parenthood.

UPDATE 2: Best I can tell, all this is being driven by the TV stations in Little Rock and Jonesboro (the latter report, very strange with so much talk about PP; and who did the email come from?). Both Harding and the Arkansas affiliate of Komen have nothing on their websites, foolishly, but they’re feeding emails to the TV stations. It would be interesting to know who leaked the original story about the removal of items from the bookstore and created the tempest in the teapot.

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Sermon Help

Do you want help with your sermons, lessons and articles? I am posting In the News items on my blog, so you can be better informed. I hope this will be a rich resource for your work. I do the work, so you don’t have too.

Today’s issue: Overweight girls more likely to have sex early, link between music & marijuana, Polls: Abortion is immoral but homosexuality is not, Sugar drinks affect blood pressure and much, much more.

Read  More

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Laura Bush: Gay Marriage, Abortion Should be Legal

Quoting Ms. Bush from the above titled article about gay marriage:

“The former first lady stated she could accept gay marriage and she believes the legalization of same-sex marriage will eventually occur in the United States.”

Quoting the article about Ms. Bush’s stance on abortion:

“Bush also said she disagrees with her husband about Roe v. Wade, the landmark decision by the U.S. Supreme Court that legalized abortion on demand.”

Quoting Ms. Bush:

“I think it’s important that it remain legal, because I think it’s important for people, for medical reasons and other reasons,” she said.

How sad that a woman of Ms. Bush’s stature can support both gay marriage and abortion. I wonder if she’s really thought of the ramifications of these two issues with regard to morality?

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What’s Going On?

I have posted my new, “In the News” post. California students were sent home from school for wearing shirts emblazoned with the American flag. 92% of Americans believe in God. Comedy Central is planning a comedy about Jesus. Read More

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“Planned Parenthood is an organization …

“Planned Parenthood is an organization staffed by people committed to the proposition that there is never a good reason not to have, support, fund or perform an abortion. In their own minds, their sacred mission to destroy human life puts them above the normal rules and even laws that any minimally decent person (whether pro-choice or pro-life) would recognize.”

Maggie Gallagher at

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Abortion Threatens Black Community

Abortion is described as the “Black Holocaust,” by some experts. Georgia is considering a bill to ban abortions on the basis of race, gender.  That is  a step in the right direction; even though a complete ban on all abortions would be far better. In Georgia, the Black community is hit very hard by abortion. “In 2008, blacks made up 30 percent of the population in Georgia but more than 57 percent of the abortions.”

What a terrible tragedy! We pray that all men and women [and children] will make better choices so there will be fewer babies killed.  Precious lives are at stake!!

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Spain Continues to Destroy the Family

The Ruth Institute reports that Spain has increased the rights of women to have abortions and to be careless in their sexuality.

The story says

“Last week the Senate approved a sweeping new law that, in the name of women’s rights, allows abortion without restrictions up to 14 weeks and gives 16- and 17-year-olds the right to have abortions without parental consent, AP reports. Abortions are also allowed in the first 22 weeks of pregnancy if the fetus has a serious or incurable disease.”

There are many differences between God and man, in this respect. First, God promotes responsibility and purity. Man pushes irresponsibility and promiscuity. Second, God lifts us to become better and brighter. Man pushes us to be more degrading.

So much evil is done in the name of women. Why more aren’t offended is beyond me.

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