Whenever I think of accomplishments, I’m reminded of the man who believed he had done everything to improve his home, only to find later a water leak had damaged a load-bearing wall and eroded his foundation.

One of our objectives was to increase the faith of our members. Working together, we have started to see the fruits of that aim. There are more people attending Bible study and there is an increased solidarity. There is still much to do, but it’s going well.

Another of our common objectives was to increase the preaching of the gospel in the community. I’m a firm believer in Acts 6:7, that if the preaching of the word is increased, the number of disciples will increase as well. We’re working together to realize this goal, although the current economic situation is not helping things.

Lord, increase our faith so we may launch ourselves into your service without reservation, and that we may, with boldness, preach your word. In Jesus name, amen.

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1st semester accomplishments are: 1) Wro…

1st semester accomplishments are:

1) Posted 248 Bible study articles to my blog (wrote most of them).
2) Presented 13 Bible-based sermons before the Montana St. congregation.
3) Presented 23 Bible study lessons before the Montana St. adult Bible class.
4) From Jan – June, 2010, I’ve had 13,295 folks from 128 countries hit on my blog site. There were 61,543 page views during this period. Of these visitors, 67 percent were new visitors to my blog.
5) Presented 6 Bible-based lessons to the residents of our local Veterans Home.

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