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The Bible is the most popular book that has ever been printed. It was one of the first books mass produced on Gutenberg’s printing press in 1455. To estimate a total number of Bibles and portions of it that have been produced and distributed worldwide throughout history would be virtually impossible, but the number stands well over 10 billion, since the United Bible Society alone has distributed over nine billion in the past 70 years (“God Facts,” n.d.). Without dispute, the Bible is the best selling book of all time worldwide (“Best Selling…,” 2014).

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With the tragic fatal accident of the Gr…

With the tragic fatal accident of the Gray family near Atlanta, many people have sought out information from Dean Kelley’s article on BrotherhoodNews.com. It’s a new stop for many of these recent visitors. So it’s not unusual that they would check out the “Convictions” page.

Probably some have found this item in the listing strange:

The New Testament provides the pattern for the people of God in all they do. The Gospels, Acts, and the letters serve as our example in personal faith and corporate work and worship. Though general principles abound, as per Matt. 22:37-40, specific commands also direct our way. Among them, the essentiality of immersion in order to be saved, worshiping by song, and establishing truth through the testimony of two or three witnesses.

I say strange, because of the last of the three examples, the testimony of two or three witnesses. (I hope no one finds it strange that we believe the NT provides the church a pattern.) It’s a specific commandment brought over from the Old Testament. And one that reporters and editors like those of us at BNc need to remember. That’s why it’s included on the page.

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