Flashy Numbers

There’s a bottle of soap in my bathroom that has “33% MORE!” printed in large font across the top.

Beside the large print numbers and words is a little, tee-tiny asterisk.

Look at the bottom of the bottle and you’ll find the purpose of the asterisk spelled out (with a little, tee-tiny font that rivals only the asterisk) – “Than 18 oz.”

In reality, there is no real substance to the flashy numbers on the soap bottle. The only thing the company did with the “33% MORE!” print was solve a math problem.

Don’t fall prey to the flashy numbers of pop-religion.

Sow the seed (Luke 8:4-15). Be respectful to others, be faithful to your brothers and sisters in Christ and to God, and don’t be a troublemaker (1 Peter 2:17). And don’t keep caught up in the confusion that swaps what we get from worship with what we bring to worship (John 4:20-24).

For out of all to whom the good news has come, only a small number will get salvation.” (Matthew 22:14 BBE)

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The ads are not ours

Visitors to the site who are not logged in will see ads on the post pages, placed between the text and the comments. Since we’re hosted by wordpress.com, those ads are done by WP/Google, which we have no control over. The several ads I saw just now on one post were all denominational content.

We could get rid of the ads, for an extra $30 a year. (Above the domain name cost and hosting cost.) We could look for another host for the site. I’m open to suggestions.

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