An ah-ha moment in time…

My most memorable ah-ha moment occurred as I sat in a Bible class in the basement of an old church building in Woodbridge, VA some 15 or so years ago. We were studying Romans, after having spent nearly 2 years studying 1 Corinthians. We got to Romans 8:26-27, which I had never understood, and admittedly had never given much thought to because I just couldn’t make sense of it and found it to be outright confusing. I figured it just was one of those “secret things” that belonged to God and maybe some day, when I reached Heaven, God would enlighten me.

The teacher asked a question: is the spirit being discussed here the Holy Spirit? Well, I had never considered it could be a reference to anything else. I mean, what else could it be? It’s *capitalized*, so of course it’s the Holy Spirit! The teacher explained that there was no capitalization in the Greek text, so while it could be the Holy Spirit, it did not necessarily have to be so. Okay, I was game to explore options, so the question next became, what else could be under consideration? The teacher suggested that perhaps the spirit here might actually be a reference to man’s spirit. I plugged that idea in and read the whole chapter in context. Suddenly it made sense, and the lights went on: the spirit that was groaning in verse 26 became a continuation of the idea in verse 23. I had often wondered why the Holy Spirit needed to use groanings that couldn’t be uttered when He was perfectly capable of choosing the very words to put in the mouths and hands of the inspired apostles. My ah-ha moment was that He didn’t. And I felt like a dense fog had been lifted.

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An “Aha!” moment

My favorite, “Aha!” moment was when I understood Galatians 3:10-13, courtesy of Professor Ben Gore.

Brother Gore, who was covering prepositions in Greek class at Tennessee Bible College, showed us this passage this way: since all have sinned, all are under the curse of the law. It was like the sword of Damocles was dangling above my head and the curse of death could cause the sword to drop.

But, Christ took my neck out from under the curse and put his neck there. Although I’m the one who deserved to die, he took the punishment for my sins. Even though I’m the sinner, he put himself in jeopardy and died for me. So, Verse 13 literally says, “Christ has redeemed us out from under the curse of the law becoming cursed for us…”

Brother Gore told us about his missionary work in Africa and how one of the nations didn’t have a word for “redeem.” He said one of the people told him the closest idea to it was “he came and put his neck in the noose.” The explanation was that, as you sat captured ready to go into slavery and being tied around the neck, one who loved you could come and take the noose off your neck and put it around his. In that way, people there could understand the idea of the word, “redeem.”

I’ll always be indebted to Brother Gore for that light.

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Daily Nudge: ah-ha moment

Tell about an “ah-ha” moment in your life, one of those times when the light came on and things became suddenly clear, when understanding dawned and you felt enlightened.

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