In Maysville, Alabama this Sunday

Sunday, Aug. 25, at 9 a.m., I’ll be speaking, for the last time this trip, at the Maysville, Ala., congregation, outside Huntsville.

Subject: “I just want to go to heaven.” We’ll include some perspectives from our work in São José dos Campos, Brazil.

If you’re in the area, come be with us. Our son Micah and his family meet here.

Sunday afternoon, Vicki and I will travel to Mount Juliet, Tenn., to visit son Joel and family before our return to Brazil Aug. 28.

We thank friends and family for all your kindnesses. It has been a memorable trip in every way, beginning with daughter Leila’s wedding Aug. 10.

More to come in our monthly newsletter next week, Lord willing.

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David Z. Bass missing

This email was forwarded by Jamie Sutter, about a missing young man from a Christian family.

Prayer Request: David Z. Bass left for Arkansas to work last Saturday morning about 7:30. He called us about 11 a.m. from Miss., and said that all was well. He did not arrive at his destination and we have not been able to reach him. We have a filed a missing persons report and and an interstate BOLO has been issued. Below is a picture of his burgundy 1991 Chevy S-10. His tag is Alabama 58 A5S17 If you have any information please contact us (205) 901-4703., David Bass

David Z, 18 is one of David and Kathy Bass’s 10 children. David serves as elder and preaches for the Lay Lake church of Christ in Columbiana, TN.

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Hugh’s News & Views (Conversion Of A Baptist . . .)


A few weeks ago I received an interesting email from my friend and fellow gospel preacher Raymond Elliott of Prattville, Alabama. Raymond told the story of the conversion of Andrew Jackson and Lonia B. Harden and their family from denominationalism to the purity and simplicity of New Testament Christianity. I was so impressed with the story that I asked Raymond for permission to use it as a “Hugh’s News & Views.” He gladly granted permission. The fascinating story follows in Raymond’s words. Continue reading

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Hugh’s News & Views (Alabama)

Hugh’s news & Views


I was born in Alabama. And while my childhood and the first ten years of my schooling were in Florida, I graduated from high school in Alabama. During my 42 plus years of full-time ministry I served two churches in Alabama: four years in Mobile and five years in Selma.

However, since most of my life has been spent in Tennessee, I consider myself a Tennessean. Yet there is a corner of my heart that is (and always will be) reserved for Alabama—the state, its people, its culture, its ways, its language, its football! (You do notice that Alabama is # 1 and still unbeaten, don’t you?)

Note: I recently read where Nick Saban, head football coach at the University of Alabama, is arguably the greatest college football coach of all time—except in Alabama itself, where in the view of many that distinction still belongs to Paul “Bear” Bryant!

I am by birth and temperament a Southerner, and Alabama is “The Heart of Dixie.” It is always an honor to pay tribute to Alabama; I understand the people and their ways. I can poke fun at them (and at myself) and laugh at what others find funny about Alabama, as in the case of the Yankee college student who was assigned the task of living among the natives of Alabama and reporting back to his professor under the title “Things I Learnt In Alabama.” Here is his report. Continue reading

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Going on a mission trip? Go here first

From Wayne Barrier: The next class for the School of Missions to be held at the Killen, Ala., church building (near Florence) this Saturday, Sept. 10 from 8 am to 12:30 pm.  Breakfast will be provided.

Schedule for Session 1
World Evangelism School of Missions
Killen Church of Christ
September 10, 2011

8:00 –   8:15    Breakfast and visiting

8:15 –   8:30    M101 Introduction to Mission Work – Wayne Barrier

8:30 –   9:30    M102 Biblical Motivation for Mission Work – Gordon Hogan

9:30 –   9:40    Break

9:40 – 10:00    M106 The Missionary-Sponsor Relationship and Reporting –Wayne Barrier

10:00 – 11:00    M105 World Religions and Culture – Dennis Larson

11:00 – 11:15    Break

11:15 – 12:00    M104 The Biblical Pattern for Mission Work – Jeremy Barrier

12:00 – 12:30    M110 Logistics and Foreign Travel – Joey Barrier

For more information, contact Wayne at

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Praying for Those Endangered by Tornadoes

One of the greatest things about Twitter is how you can follow an event happening hundreds or thousands of miles away, as if you were there. I am from the Shoals area of North Alabama. They have tornadoes swarming through the entire area. I have a Twitter list of news organizations and people in the Shoals and I am reading constant updates from the ground there. Three Four people have already died and there are more storms popping up all over. Please pray for them in that area. There are thousands of members of the Lord’s church in North Alabama, as well as much of my family. May God be with them.

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A restoration pioneer who studied himself out of denominationalism

Searching for something entirely different, I serendipitously found this fascinating article on Murrell Askew. Gonna ask Richard M. if he’s ever heard of him, since he’s from that area of northwest Alabama. I was at FHU with a JoAnn Askew, made me wonder if she was a descendant.

Where are today’s Murrell Askews?

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Don Petty’s summary of the retreat speeches

The bleachers were filled with warriors as they sat in the outdoor basketball court to hear the speakers talk about aspects of soul winning. Men and women are battle-tested, fighters in the army of God. These 100 or so assembled evangelists, missionaries to the nations of the world listened, lectured, prayed, sang, taught and learned for the 3 days of the Missionary Retreat and Workshop at Maywood Christian Camp in Hamilton, Alabama, May 13 – 15.

We heard of the battles, the victories, the strategies to reach the lost. These men told their stories, gave their messages, and rehearsed what the Lord had done through them in the various parts of the earth.

These thoughts were extracted from the things the men said …

1. Louis Rushmore. “The singular mission of the Lord’s church is evangelism, and your primary responsibility and mine is to tell someone about the Gospel of Jesus Christ.”

2. Colin McKee. “God is concerned with PEACE, but there is opportunity even in conflict; and Paul’s 5 principle formula to address conflict is found in Philippians 4:2 – 9:”
a. Rejoice in the Lord
b. Let our gentleness be known to all
c. Replace anxiety with prayer
d. See things as they really are.
e. Practice what you have learned.

3. James Jones. “In the age of the internet RADIO is still an effective evangelism tool.”

4. Gordon Hogan. “Trust of a small group draws trust of others…and it multiplies and grows into a cooperating number of people with a variety of talents.”

5. Randal Matheny. “There can be no ‘struggle together’ (striving side by side) as long as there is contention between two of God’s children.”

6. Robert Martin. “We are all fellow servants by whom others are brought to Him.”

7. Roy Wilson. “Indigenous self-replicating church growth, unrestrained by manmade borders, is our only realistic hope to save the world.”

8. Ken Wilkey. “Will we be a united, family of God, where the younger members are blessed with all of us as examples of servant leaders. To do this we must dream, plan, and work together. We need to share our victories and failures, while loving and enjoying each other’s company. As the “Company of the Committed” let us do whatever is necessary to reach the lost and leave them our models to follow.”

9. Loy Mitchell. “We can all be champion evangelists.”

10. Don Green. “The poured out blood is an act of the Messiah, not just some thing which was done to Him figuratively by holy anointing oil. (Exodus 30: 22-38; Matthew 26:28).”

11. Jeremy Barrier. “Execute 1st century evangelism in the 21st century.”

12. Ronnie Crocker (Note: Ronnie was a convicted prisoner; while in jail he learned the truth. This message has come from one ‘out and down’ who revived and has been preaching the word to others who are in the shape he was when he was rescued from Hell.) His thesis: “I was amazed at the power of truth. We have a great mission field behind the bars of our jails. There is a far-reaching effect in jail ministry, because the convicts will get out one day. I’m working with addicted children of elders and ministers and deacons, crying out for help. We have to pray, read the bible, study the bible, teach others.”

13. Don Petty. “A great number of great people obeying the great commission in a great number of small ways gives a great harvest of souls for a great God.”

The central focus and message and challenge largely is summarized in this thought, the great commission directs our lives and contains the perpetuating message –

  • Go all over earth,
  • Teaching everyone how to be “in Christ,”
  • Baptizing them for the remission of sins in order for them to have the gift

of the Holy Spirit dwell in them,

  • Teaching them to live as Christians, in

Helping others,
Loving the brethren,
Fellowshipping one another,
Staying in Sound Doctrine, and
Teaching others everything Jesus taught us.

[Plan to join us next year! ]

Some Maywood Retreat Observations…

We preach outdoors to attendees sitting on bleachers in a basketball court under a covered roof with wire (chicken wire all around to ‘keep the ball in’ and ‘keep the uninvited varmints’ out.)

The camp has a lake the speakers can see off to their left as they speak. It is in itself inspiring.

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Pray for Huntsville

After the high school shooting, now this report: Three people were killed and at least two others are in critical condition after a shooting at the University of Alabama in Huntsville this afternoon. Let’s pray for the survivors and those involved, all those affected. A second great blow to the city of my daughter-in-law.

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Whatcha doin’ in May?

Come to the missionary retreat in Hamilton AL at the Maywood Christian Camp. It’s the fourth year for this event, open to anyone interested in God’s mission in the world of preaching the gospel. Also my fourth time to speak there, the organizers are gluttons for punishment, I guess.

Missionaries from all over the world are present, with a total number of years of experience just amazing. Their experience translates very well into U.S. ministry, so there are tons of spiritual edification and ministerial benefit to be gained. Some of the dinosaurs like Gordon Hogan, Ken Wilkey, Glover Shipp and Loy MItchell have been speakers, and some of them will be there again this year. (Don’t tell them I called them dinosaurs; that’s an affectionate tag.)

I’m doing the website for them, though I’m not a part of the organizing group. Just now getting it started …

Oh, and the cost is usually like $5 or $10 a night at the camp, or you can stay at a nearby motel. And food all throughout the day, homemade, desserts galore, and (don’t let this get out) often, free books and magazines.

I’d love to see you there.

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