Perceptive Quote On Addiction

In the classic French children’s book, “The Little Prince” by Antoine de Saint-Exupery we find an illustration on addiction.

The book “tells the story of a little boy who leaves the safety of his own tiny planet to travel the universe, learning the vagaries of adult behavior through a series of extraordinary encounters.”  Continue reading

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The Christian and beverage alcohol

By Robert C. Veil, Jr. — We begin the new year with an examination of a subject which is unpopular with some members of the church. It is unpopular because they resist what the Bible says about it. Still, it is a matter of great interest to many, there have been a number of requests for sermons on this topic, and it is absolutely essential that we discern God’s will on this subject. It’s also an appropriate time to look at it because holiday and New Year’s parties often tempt the Christian to compromise what God’s word clearly teaches on this subject. Continue reading

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From bad to worse (1 Kings 16)

That might be an appropriate title for chapter 16 of 1 Kings: “From Bad to Worse.” Abandonment of the Lord produced debauchery, murder, division, idolatry. The chapter shows divine justice being carried out in the midst of a nation’s perfidy. Here are a few lessons from the chapter. Continue reading

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The study missed 7 other cancers that alcohol is responsible for

According to a recently released study, alcohol use has been directly linked as a major contributing cause to seven forms of cancer:

  • liver
  • colon
  • rectum
  • esophagus
  • larynx
  • pharynx
  • female breast.

The study also found that the health risks out-weigh any of the touted health-benefits of drinking alcohol…I’ve been telling people for years, who claim to drink for the health benefits, to drink grape juice and they’d reap the benefits that they’re looking to gain. You don’t need the alcohol component in and of itself for any physiological benefits.

While I sincerely appreciate the gravity and soberness and awareness that the report is trying to create in our culture when it comes to the dangers of using alcohol, I believe the story (which was meant to look at the relationship between alcohol and cancer in the human body mind you) missed seven other major societal cancers that alcohol has also been directly linked to as a major contributing cause: Continue reading

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Zero alcohol for Christians

Brazil has zero tolerance for alcohol levels in drivers. It understands what many Christians do not. If a government (and Brazil is not the only one) knows that any level of alcohol in the blood makes one unfit to drive his vehicle, why does a Christian think that some amount of alcohol in his system does not render him unfit to guide his life?

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New entries on alcohol in WiseBible

Both biblical and scientific perspectives show the dangers of strong drink. See these new entries added recently. And a wealth of information, content, and links on many biblical topics, besides.

Source: WiseBible – A Space for Bible Learning : Comments, Text, and Topics

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Pathetic defense offered in high-profile court case

There’s a high-profile court case being held in Nashville, TN involving four former college football athletes for the University of Vanderbilt who are being accused of rape. The trial is in its opening stage where the defense attorney is offering the jury his clients’ point of view and other reasons for why one or more of his clients are not guilty. To most people this is the stage where defense lawyers earn a bad reputation – and for many of them it’s for good reason; and this trial has definitely helped to put a check-mark in the negative category. And why is that? Because of the plea that the defense attorney is making on behalf of his client who he claims is not responsible for what he did to a young woman sexually (i.e. rape) because they were living in a highly experimental and sexualized atmosphere and because he was too drunk to know what he was doing!

I guess from now on in the eyes of this attorney a murderer, a thief, a liar, a child-molester, and every other criminal, including drunk-drivers, can enter a plea that says they aren’t responsible for what they have done because they were too drunk to know better. And some people actually wonder why attorneys get a bad reputation.

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