Bridegroom of Blood!

No it’s not a movie starring Vincent Price, or for you young whippersnappers, a movie written and directed by Tim Burton. It’s from an odd piece of a story found in Exodus 4:24-26 involving Moses and his wife, Zipporah. It’s after the burning bush incident. Moses with his family in tow is headed back to Egypt.

It becomes apparent that Moses has not kept the Abrahamic covenant regarding the circumcision of his own son. Moses finds his own life in jeopardy as the Lord is about to kill him. Zipporah, his Midianite wife, whips out a knife, circumcises their son and flings the bloody foreskin on Moses’ foot. By this act she saves her husband’s life. Though I have read numerous explanations I don’t pretend to understand all the ins and outs of this story. It seems a kind of exchange took place. By this last minute bloody act, Moses’ own blood was not spilled. He was brought back into compliance with the covenant. Continue reading

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