Announcement Procedure

At the Montana Street congregation, one of our elders presents the announcements right before the last song of the service is sung.

The announcements consists of the following:

1) A prayer list of those members who are ill, in the hospital, or homebound.
2) An announcement regarding our monthly luncheon on the first Sunday of every month.
3) The Bible Question Of The Week.
4) A list of the members who have birthdays or anniversaries during the month.
5) Any area-wide congregational singing.
6) Any area-wide gospel meeting.
7) Needed grocery items for the food pantry.

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Hear Ye! Hear Ye!

One of the men makes the announcements before our worship starts. For years, I have made an announcement sheet that contains the upcoming events, new people on the prayer list and those who are serving. Being in a military congregation, we have a monthly duty roster for those who are serving in worship.

Concerning the duty roster. One of our men puts the sheet on the board before the month starts,  with the names of all those who will lead in worship. We mark when we will be absent and then he makes the roster for the month, so we know in advance who will serve.


Daily Nudge: church announcements — and news

In your congregation how are announcements made? When, if at all, are they made from the pulpit? Before or after worship? Who makes them, one designated person or different ones?  What is included in the announcements? Share one announcement you heard yesterday that might be of interest to our readers.

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