Be prepared

Rising Joy by Vicki Matheny

But set Christ apart as Lord in you hearts and always be ready to give an answer to anyone who asks about the hope you possess. Yet do it with courtesy and respect, keeping a good conscience, so that those who slander your good conduct in Christ may be put to shame when they accuse you. 1 Peter 3.15-16

No one likes to suffer. Most people will do anything to avoid it. However, Peter indicated that it happens. People suffer, even for doing what is right. There is no honor in suffering for doing what is wrong. That should be expected. But, when you are doing what is right, it can cause you to become fearful or your faith to be shaken.

Peter gave the answer to overcome the fear and stand firmly, even in the midst of suffering. Christ must reign in your heart as Lord. He will not share his rule with anyone else. There is something else you must do. You must be ready and prepared to answer anyone that asks why you act as you do.

You cannot be prepared if you do not know God’s word. Jesus used God’s word to withstand Satan, Matthew 4.1-11. Paul told the Ephesians to put on the armor of God, Ephesians 6.10-17. God’s word is the sword of the Spirit. It is how you defend against the flaming arrows of the evil one.

Make no mistake. At some point, you will suffer as a result of your faith. Are you prepared to give your answers?

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Why Do Folks Quickly Look At The Outside?

Today’s nudge, “Why do people look at the outside and judge so quickly?”

One answer is that a lot of folks are simply lazy and impatient. This is why they quickly jump to conclusions. It takes time to get to know and understand an individual – their background, the way they think, etc.

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A Person I’d Like To Get To Know?

The answer to this question is the obvious one. I’d like to personally meet and get to know each one of you brethren on TFR. You have a standing invitation – If you are ever out El Paso way, know that my wife and I have a bed and a fold-out couch for you to sleep on. And I promise that our little dachshund dog, Abbie won’t bother you! 🙂

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Who taught me the gospel? My grandmother…

Who taught me the gospel? My grandmother was my primary example of teaching me the value of Bible study – she faithfully read and studied her Bible every day. She told me one day, “Mike, the Bible has the answer to every problem we face in life” – And so it does.

And after reading and studying the Bible for myself all these years, I realize how correct she was in her assessment of how the Bible does indeed provide us with an answer to every problem we face in life. “If” we will only “hear” what God is saying to us through His inspired writings, and then take His prescription which contains the solution to our problems.

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