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    Apologetics Press Science Seminar THIS WEEKEND – Jacksonville, AL 

    Here is a link that provides the topics as well as a quick bio of the speakers.

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    13 Objections to Baptism by Dave Miller, Ph.D. 

    Some churches historically have taught that water immersion is the dividing line between the lost and the saved. This means that a penitent believer remains unforgiven of sin until buried in the waters of baptism (Romans 6:4). Much of the denominational world disagrees with this analysis of Bible teaching, holding instead that one is saved at the point of “belief,” before and without water baptism. Consider some of the points that are advanced in an effort to minimize the essentiality of baptism for salvation. Read >>

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    Is God Racist? 

    A certain segment of the American population has succeeded in perpetrating the notion of “political correctness” (PC) across a broad base of society. This ideology has infiltrated politics, education, and religion. While touted as a manifestation of “compassion” and “respect” for those with whom one disagrees, the fact is that PC seeks to silence any expression of disagreement that is not in line with its covert agenda.     Read >>

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    The Benefits of Christianity–Audio Lesson 

    Many reject Christianity, because they see it as too restrictive. The Bible, to them, is a big book filled with rules and regulations that have no apparent reason other than to make humans unhappy. In truth, Christianity is able to yield a depth of happiness and peace that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. Listen >>

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    A Loving God and an Eternal Hell–Video: (Part 6) 

    This video, along with the rest of the series, can be found by visiting this link.

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    How Can a Person Know Which God Exists? by Apologetics Press 

    Several decades ago, the United States was overwhelmingly Christian in its religious persuasion. When naturalism and Darwinian evolution picked up speed in the U.S. and challenged the biblical story of man’s origins—the perspective most held by Americans—apologists sprang up in response, dealing a death blow to the naturalistic religion in the minds of many. Once evolutionary theory had been dealt with, both biblically and scientifically, it was natural for many Americans to recognize that they had always been right—Christianity is the true religion.

    Sadly, under the banner of “tolerance,” the “politically correct” police have made significant inroads in compelling the American public, not only to tolerate, but to endorse and encourage pluralism and the proliferation of false religion in America. What was once an understood conclusion—that if evolution is wrong, then biblical Creation must be true—is now heavily challenged in America.

    It has become a popular tactic among atheistic scoffers to mock Bible believers by sarcastically arguing that there’s just as much evidence for the Flying Spaghetti Monster as there is for any god. Therefore, if intelligent design doctrine deserves time in the classroom, so does the doctrine of the Church of the Flying Spaghetti Monster—the Pastafarians (cf. Langton, 2005; Butt, 2010, p. 12). Read >>

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    Muhammad or Jesus? by Apologetics Press 

    Here is a very simple yet very well written article comparing and contrasting what the Koran teaches about Jesus with what the Bible teaches about him:

    Muhammad or Jesus?

    by Dave Miller, Ph.D.

    Muhammad: “Those who say: Allah hath chosen a son…speak nothing but a lie” (Surah 18:4-5).

    Jesus (through John): “Who is a liar but he who denies that Jesus is the Christ?… Whoever denies the Son does not have the Father either” (1 John 2:22-23). Read >>

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    5 Reasons Racism is Ridiculous 

    Atheism has no rational basis upon which to call anything objectively just or unjust, including racism. If mankind is merely the result of billions of years of mindless evolution and is nothing more than animals (as atheistic evolution contends; Marchant, 2008), then man can logically make evolutionary-based racist remarks that are consistent with the godless General Theory of Evolution. In fact, Charles Darwin’s “Bulldog,” atheist Thomas Huxley, did just that in his 1865 essay, “Emancipation–Black and White.” He alleged, for example, “no rational man, cognizant of the facts, believes that the average Negro is the equal, still less superior, of the white man.” In truth, if there is no God, mankind could just as easily look down upon and mistreat others (whom he deems are less evolved), as he does roaches, rats, and orangutans (Lyons, 2011; Lyons and Butt, 2009). Those who are Christians, however, logically contend that since (1) God exists, and (2) the Bible is the Word of God, racism is morally wrong–and completely ridiculous for the following five reasons. Read >>
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    3 Good Reasons to Believe the Bible is from God – Apologetics Press 

    The Bible is the most popular book that has ever been printed. It was one of the first books mass produced on Gutenberg’s printing press in 1455. To estimate a total number of Bibles and portions of it that have been produced and distributed worldwide throughout history would be virtually impossible, but the number stands well over 10 billion, since the United Bible Society alone has distributed over nine billion in the past 70 years (“God Facts,” n.d.). Without dispute, the Bible is the best selling book of all time worldwide (“Best Selling…,” 2014).

    Read >>

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      I believe that the bible is the inspired word of God. I do not think your posting (3 reasons to believe the bible is from God) show any reasons for this assumption. I read this post in the science section of WordPress and I think those that read this section need quite a bit more tangible facts than it is the most p[popular book in the world.

      • Eugene Adkins 6:46 am on 2015-01-08 Permalink | Reply

        Hello, Pete.

        Thanks for sharing your thoughts/concerns.

        If memory serves me correctly, when the article referred to the supporting evidence of the Bible being from God in relation to science I don’t think AP’s major claim was that the Bible is the most popular book in the world. I believe their point revolved around the Bible’s scientific claims, and behaviors toward sicknesses and general health, that were made previous (and by previous, we’re talking multiple millennium’s worth of time with some) to any knowledge “gained/proven” by the modern secular scientific world.

        I would encourage anyone to check out “REASON #2: SCIENTIFIC ACCURACY AND FOREKNOWLEDGE” for what I am referring to; and hence you’ll find the reason that the article was given a science tag. In that section, the particular phrase (or anything else close to it) “the Bible is most popular book in the world” is not used/given as a reason for scientific evidence.

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    Creation-Evolution Seminar to be held in Warren County, TN 

    For those of you who may live in the middle Tennessee area, here’s a little FYI:

    The Earleyville church of Christ will host a Creation vs Evolution Seminar on December 5-7 with Kyle Butt (of Apologetics Press) speaking.

    Friday services will be at 7 pm and will be held at the building of the Bybee Branch church of Christ. Saturday sessions will begin at 6 pm and will also be held at Bybee Branch. Sunday services will be at the building of the Earleyville church of Christ at 9 am for Bible Class and 10 am for Worship.

    Both of these congregations are found in Warren County, TN; Bybee Branch being in the city-limits of McMinnville, and Earleyville being not too far out into the country. Each can easily be found on sites such as Google Maps if you’re needing directions.

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      Please have these questions asked to Mr. Kyle Butt. Every “young Earth” teacher I submit these questions to “runs for cover”.
      1) Where did the water come from on the first day?
      1a) Why didn’t God say “Let there be a body of water?
      2) Why were the birds created on the fifth day before mankind in
      chapter one, and created after mankind on the sixth day in chapter two?
      2a) In Genesis 2:18, Gods says that Adam was alone, so
      the “had formed” alibi won’t work.
      3) Why is it that the land animals are created before mankind in
      chapter one, and after Adam in chapter two?
      3a) No matter how much “focus” you put on history, the sequence
      of events do not ever change, unless there is an error.
      4) Why is it that male and female are created together in chapter
      one, and the animals are made between them in chapter two?
      4a) Same as 3a
      If Mr. Butt can’t correctly answer these questions, then Earleyville Church of Christ invited the wrong person. The truth of Genesis (Observations of Moses) answers these questions and more.
      Instead of accepting and teaching the truth (the correct rendition of Genesis) which answers these questions, creationists would rather teach false doctrine and misrepresent the Bible, causing more harm than good.

      Herman Cummings

      • Eugene Adkins 7:58 am on 2014-11-15 Permalink | Reply

        Thank you for commenting, Herman.

        I won’t speak for Kyle, and even though I wish I could be, unfortunately I won’t be there because my schedule conflicts with both Friday and Saturday night, but please let me point out a few things (relatively speaking).

        First, the “contradictions” that you mention are no more a contradiction than the supposed “contradictions” that people find in the Gospels because of the addition or subtraction of information provided. A contradiction is when two things cannot be true at the same time. Now keeping this in mind I would say this about your points:

        1) Question 1 – first part: the water came from the same place the rest of what was present but without shape or form; it has no effect on what chapters 1 or 2 teach. second part: for the same reason that he didn’t say let there be “….” in the way you believe he should have said it. Things were said the way they were said. Not trying to sound terse here, just saying that what was said is what was said and it was obviously enough to get the job done. Would God have saying it another way actually convinced you better? Seems like such a small thing to have a “problem” with.

        2) Question 2 – first part: (this explanation is going to be referred to a couple of times so please take note) there is no contradiction between chapter one and two because chapter 2 (spec. verse 19) is not telling the reader when the animals were created. The chapter is simply saying that God created them and that they were presented to Adam. second part: the “alone” reference is pointing out that Adam was alone as far as humanity is concerned; not that he was alone in creation as the fact that he was placed in a garden shows.

        3) Question 3 – first part: please see the explanation for question two’s first part. Chapter 2 is not saying the animals were created after Adam. Chapter 2 is a “snap shot” of sorts that goes back to fill in some information following what was said in 1:26-31. second part: There is no change in sequence. Unfortunately it seems that you’re failing to understand that sections of chapter 2 go backwards to broaden the understanding of chapter one’s events.

        4) Question 4 – first part: same as the above answers. The events of Chapter 2:8-25 take place in the midst of Chapter 1:24-27. There is no change in sequences. Only additional information that is provided much in the same way that the books of Kings and Chronicles, or the Gospels, as well as other overlapping books of the Bible, supplement each other with “between the lines” information. second part: I’m sure Kyle would not “run for cover” in the face of these questions. I have provided logical and very simple answers to each of your questions so I believe your accusation not only falls short, it falls into the same category that you have accused Kyle of sitting in.

        When it comes to the creation account and man’s origin I have no doubt to their authenticity due to these words – “And He answered and said to them, “Have you not read that He who made them at the beginning ‘made them male and female,’ and said, ‘For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined to his wife, and the two shall become one flesh’?” (Matthew 19:4-5) No room for assumption. No room for evolution. No room for doubt. Just a Genesis that must be taken by faith in the word of God (Hebrews 11:3; Psalm 95).

        If you visit this link, you will find the following issues concerning Genesis chapters 1 and 2 (which practically includes all of the issues you brought up) thoroughly discussed on the Apologetics Press website:

        Genesis 1:1 When Were the Sun, Moon, and Stars Created? Eric Lyons, M.Min.
        Genesis 1:9-11 Were Plants or Humans Created First? Eric Lyons, M.Min.
        Genesis 1:14 When Were the Sun, Moon, and Stars Created? Eric Lyons, M.Min.
        Genesis 1:20-21 Of Water or of Land? Eric Lyons, M.Min.
        Genesis 1:24-27 Did God Create Animals or Man First? Eric Lyons, M.Min.
        Genesis 2:2 Does God Need to Rest? Kyle Butt, M.A.
        Genesis 2:8-9 Were Plants or Humans Created First? Eric Lyons, M.Min.
        Genesis 2:16-17 Why Didn’t Adam Die Immediately? Eric Lyons, M.Min.
        Genesis 2:18 Is Marriage a “Good” Thing? Eric Lyons, M.Min.
        Genesis 2:18-19 Did God Create Animals or Man First? Eric Lyons, M.Min.
        Genesis 2:18-20 Too Much Activity on Day Six? Eric Lyons, M.Min.
        Genesis 2:19 Of Water or of Land? Eric Lyons, M.Min.

    • hzcummi 6:09 pm on 2014-11-19 Permalink | Reply

      Hi. Thanks for responding.

      Thanks for trying, but your answers do not satisfy the questions. If God had to say “Let there be light” for the light to appear, then He would also have to say or do something for the expanse of space, and the water-covered Earth to appear, which leads to the question “why create chaos?”

      The correct interpretation of the narrative is “the Earth was covered with water, and no land mass could be seen.” If the Earth was already there, then God did something BEFORE the “first day”, which would lead to loss of biblical credibility if you teach it as one (creation) week. The correct answer to what I presented is that the seven days shown to Moses were not linear, and are not in chronological order. The Fourth Day is first, and is the only day of Creation Week. The other six days are from subsequent Restoration Weeks, each in different time periods or eras of mankind. The “first day” is actually the first day of the fifth era of mankind (Restoration Week four). That is why Creation Science doesn’t make sense, and is false doctrine.


      • Eugene Adkins 9:16 pm on 2014-11-19 Permalink | Reply

        Hello Herman.

        It’s not that my answers don’t satisfy the questions; it’s that they don’t satisfy you. Your position has no biblical merit whatsoever, which is painfully obvious with your lack of scriptural evidence for anything that you have said, as well as the cut-n-paste technique that you’ve resorted to using. The days of creation are as literal as the people who were created on the 6th day (again Matthew 19:4-5). Even God’s command to the children of Israel to recognize the Sabbath Day revolved around this concept (Exodus 20:9-11, 31:17). Unfortunately your math is as bad as your doctrinal position.

        If God had to say “Let there be light” for the light to appear, then He would also have to say or do something for the expanse of space, and the water-covered Earth to appear, which leads to the question “why create chaos?”

        Here’s where your logic is failing as far as God “having to do” something to satisfy your understanding/demand:

        Number 1 – ““For My thoughts are not your thoughts, nor are your ways My ways,” says the Lord. “For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are My ways higher than your ways, and My thoughts than your thoughts.” (Isaiah 55:8-9)

        Number 2 – “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1 – emphasis mine)

        That’s one beginning time period, Herman, not six beginning time periods…again see Matthew 19:4-5 for Jesus’ interpretation of what “in the beginning” means and whether or not it was literal.

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    There's No Such Thing as a Naturalist by Apologetics Press 

    A very plain but excellent article that addresses the “elephant in the room” when it comes to the theory of naturalism:

    The McGraw-Hill Dictionary of Scientific and Technical Terms defines “natural science” as, “Collectively, the branches of science dealing with objectively measurable phenomena…” (2003, p. 1402). A naturalist, then, is a person who believes everything in the Universe must be able to be explained through purely naturalistic processes–with no supernatural help. Everything believed must be based on empirical evidence that is “measurable.” According to the National Academy of Sciences, “The statements of science must invoke only natural things and processes. The statements of science are those that emerge from the application of human intelligence to data obtained from observation and experiment” (Teaching About Evolution…, 1998, p. 42, emp. added). Read >>

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    “God’s Not Dead”: A Movie Review from A.P. 

    On March 21, 2014, the movie God’s Not Dead was released in 780 theaters across the country. Since then, more than 1,000 other theaters began showing the film, which grossed over $41 million in less than one month-pretty good for a movie with a budget of only $2 million (God’s Not Dead, 2014a).

    Read >>


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    Watch the Archived Butt/Ehrman Debate 

    If you didn’t get a chance to watch the Butt/Ehrman debate (The Pain and Suffering in the World Indicate that the Christian God does Not Exist) live you can visit the Apologetics Press website to view it in their archives. It will be worth your time. Kyle did an excellent job presenting and defending his side of the debate topic, but don’t take my word for it – watch it for your self.

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    Apologetics Press Debate Tonight 

    I’ve prayed for the efforts that will be made and I’m excited to watch the debate take place tonight between brother Kyle Butt and Mr. Bart Ehrman. If you would like to watch over the web you can view it at the AP’s website. The debate will begin at 6:00pm (Central Standard time I believe).

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    Printable Flyer for the upcoming Apologetics Press Debate 

    Here’s a link to a PDF flyer (seen below) that can be printed off for the April 4th debate between Kyle Butt and Bart Ehrman.

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