Lachish excavations illustrate Bible information

Referring to the fight against paganism in the biblical city of Lachish, 2 Kings 10 says: “Then they demolished the pillar of Ba’al, and destroyed the temple of Ba’al, and made it a latrine to this day.”

Excavations in Israel have for the first time discovered an actual physical toilet of the kind referred to in this passage. —via Archaeologists In Israel Find Evidence That Proves Literal Truth Of Bible

One should exercise caution when popular media (even, or especially, so-called Christian media) proclaim that archaeology proves the Bible true, but this story appears to hold together.

Its point about the city gates being the center of municipal activities is accurate.

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A big biblical city

It definitely seems as if the more one digs into the earth over in the Middle East the more you find that digging into the Bible is worth it. The latest archaeological find is revealing just how massive/impressive the city of Gath would have been … I guess the ole’ giant of the said city needed some headroom when he came back home.

Time and time again (and time will continue to show) a shovel has uncovered what the Spirit of God never buried in the pages of God’s word, but yet people still find reasons to not believe.

I for one enjoy reading stories like the one referred to above, but whether or not the gates of a city are discovered, or whether the “proof” an individual’s existence is found on a piece of pottery, my faith will continue to rely upon the word that has outlasted the cities of the past – which is the same word that will remain until the heavenly city of the Zion reveals even more impressive gates.

because “All flesh is as grass, and all the glory of man as the flower of the grass. The grass withers, and its flower falls away, but the word of the Lord endures forever.” Now this is the word which by the gospel was preached to you.” (1 Peter 1:24-25)

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Biblical History and Archaeology


There are some sites that I want to let you know about. Since I have an interest in ancient history, I find these sites exciting. I just need to find the time to read these articles.

The sites are:

Bible History Daily

Biblical Archaeology

Ancient History Encyclopedia

The more we learn about the ancient world, the better we will understand the world of the Bible. Here are some articles to be found at these sites:

Continue reading

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Archaeological Evidence for the Flood?


Fox News is reporting that some archaeologists think they have found proof that the Biblical flood did exist.

Through carbon dating of shells found on an ancient shoreline 400 feet beneath the surface of the Black Sea, they have established a timeline for that catastrophic event that happened around 5,000 B.C., he estimated. Some experts believe this was around the time when Noah’s flood could have occurred, ABC said.

Some archaeologists have supported the story of Noah, citing similar details passed along in narratives from Mesopotamian times, notably “the Epic of Gilgamesh.”

“The earlier Mesopotamian stories are very similar where the gods are sending a flood to wipe out humans,” said biblical archaeologist Eric Cline. “There’s one man they choose to survive. He builds a boat and brings on animals and lands on a mountain and lives happily ever after? I would argue that it’s the same story.”

Of course, we know the flood did exist by faith and because we know the Bible is inspired of God (2 Timothy 3:16-17). We read of the flood in Genesis 6-9.

It would be nice, however, for archaeologists to find something that would prove the veracity of God’s Word.

Are you doubtful or hopeful about the prospects of archaeology proving the truth of the Biblical flood?



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Superstorm Sandy affecting church activities?

Any saints or churches changing or cancelling their activities due to Hurricane Sandy? Romney and Biden have cancelled or rescheduled events on the east coast. We wonder about the churches in that region. What have you heard? We’d like to put something up on BNc.

• Jeremy Barrier and Will Bridges visited us Wed.-Thurs., and Jeremy presented his material on the so-called “The Gospel of Jesus’ Wife.” We had 25 people in our little living room to hear it, some eight or nine of them not in a relationship with God. Another one was out back watching the kids. People were quite impressed with the material. Jeremy had earlier given this material at Heritage Christian University. More on that, probably, in a few days, on

• All 28 or so of those stayed afterwards to eat five pizzas that we’d ordered, plus some other goodies that friends brought. The stragglers left around 11 p.m., so it was a long night for our guests, who held up with a smile and warm attentiveness to participants.

• One down, at least three to go, assigned or agreed-upon articles for both print and online magazines. This besides other writing responsibilities. When they are published, I’ll be sure to tell you, but won’t give them away ahead of time. The editors might not like the articles, so I don’t want to have egg on my face.

• has a slew of news items this month, 22 so far by the archive count. Do check them out. They’ll bring you sadness and joy. Some obituaries, others of accidents, preachers, persecution—you get the idea. If you’re not signed up to get notifications by email, you have that option in the top right column.

• In public we don’t talk, much, about the behind-the-scenes work of Forthright/GoSpeak. Time is short, for one thing. Don’t figure people are much interested in it, for another. But a couple of BNc tweets takes us back both in time and perspective. Continue reading

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You might find this interesting I did http…

You might find this interesting – I did.


Every now and again I receive an email…

Every now and again I receive an email from a man that is interesting; just today (or yesterday) he sent this link out to those on his email list. You might be interested.


Daily Nudge: biblical places — and news

What site, spot or city mentioned in the Bible would you like to see? Maybe a point along Paul’s travels? Perhaps a place where Jesus walked or performed a miracle? Or ruins of one of the great ancient empires which God used to punish or bless his people?

I thought of this upon seeing someone’s link on Facebook to a picture of the Ephesian amphitheater where the riot occurred over Paul’s preaching (Acts 19:29-30).

Finally, one word: news?

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