Six-second sermon

I was a bit dismayed to learn that the recent generation’s attention span seemed to be equivalent to the time between commercials. It seems the current generation is down to about six seconds, with the rising popularity of social media sites like VINE, where you are allowed six seconds of video broadcast — and then on to something else — I guess I’d better hurry.

Here is a short, but profound lesson in Psalm 106:13-15:

“They quickly forgot His works;

They did not wait for His counsel,

But they craved intensely in the wilderness,

And tempted God in the desert.

So He gave them their request,

But sent a wasting disease among them”

How does that work? They got what they craved (water), but spiritual health did not come with it. We have to wait for His counsel. Got it in 6?

Oran Burt, Somers Ave. church bulletin “The Observer,” North Little Rock AR

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Illustration of previous point More eloquent than I


Illustration of previous point. More eloquent than I.

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