Be of good courage

Via Audio Evangelism:

I once read about a man who bragged about cutting off a lion’s tail with his pocketknife. Sounds pretty courageous, doesn’t it? Do you think you could do that? Of course, someone finally asked the man why he didn’t cut the lion’s head off, and he replied that someone had already done that! What initially sounded like a very courageous act really wasn’t anything at all–the lion was already dead!

Today, I’d like us to focus our attention on the subject of courage–genuine courage–specifically as it relates to living the Christian life. First, we need to remember that… (click here to continue reading the post.)

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AudioEvangelism facelift

Patrick English has been working hard on reworking a lot of AE website stuff. Take a look at the new & improved AE:

Randal, we’ve got an RSS feed now if you still wanted to add us to the “hub.” Have a great Lord’s Day everyone!

#audio-evangelism Facebook Page

We’ve finally got this going and daily lessons are being posted there for any to easily share with their FB friends. Please “like” us, if you will.

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The power of the Lord & the internet

It’s been almost 5 years since we started offering free CDs on I never would have guessed our low-budget efforts would have had this impact. Praise be to God!

Here is a recently updated map of states & countries that have requested our materials. Click on image for more detail.

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Audio Evangelism now on Twitter

Monday, July 11, 2011 is now on Twitter! Follow @AudioEvangelism on Twitter for the latest updates to our site.

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