The Benefits of Christianity–Audio Lesson

Many reject Christianity, because they see it as too restrictive. The Bible, to them, is a big book filled with rules and regulations that have no apparent reason other than to make humans unhappy. In truth, Christianity is able to yield a depth of happiness and peace that cannot be found anywhere else on Earth. Listen >>

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Good Listens, If You Have The Time That Is…

Here are a couple of great lessons to listen to from The Light Network. If you don’t get the podcasts from “The Book Club” and “Preachers in Training” I encourage you to do so if you have the ability. I haven’t listened to any of the other 7 shows yet, but hopefully they follow in the steps of their fellow programs.

The first link is to a good lesson and discussion on avoiding burnout for preachers, elders and really for anyone who probably serves the church diligently: Burnout

The second link is to a review of an older book called “Sketches of Jewish Social Life” that’s really worth listening to in my opinion. I’m considering getting the book because of this review: Book Review

I love the work that these guys (and ladies) are doing for God and His truth. I think they’re going to be great neighbors to Audio Evangelism if we can help get the word out.

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Audio CC: Cast Your Burden on the Lord

Besides the good lesson with the title above, this is the neatest thing: the audio is accompanied by text, or closed captions. But don’t pause it; I had to do that (the wife was heading out to the fruits-and-veggies store), and the CC got confused. Still a good deal. From our good brother Roy Davison, in Belgium.

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