For Thees and Thous

These sentiments are heard now and again and deserve some thought.

I cannot hear your news for thees and thous,
Your strings of memorized verses make me drowse;
I’ve yet to hear a single text explained
Within its setting — aren’t you people trained
To teach the unlearned down on their simple level?
I need to know how I can beat the devil,
Devote my life to God, fire up my hope,
And with my stumbling failures learn to cope.
In Bible class and sermon I’d like to learn —
To know the open word of God I yearn.


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Have You Used This Class Book?

For the third and fourth quarters of the adult class we’re going to go over the topics of the Holy Spirit and angels. For the most part I’m going to put together the materials for the class on angels but I’ve been looking for a decent (multi-aspect covering) class book on the Holy Spirit and I found one that’s published by Winkler Publications in their “Life Changing Studies with an Open Bible” series called, “The Holy Spirit – Questions Often Asked.

My question is, has anyone used this particular class book before? And if you haven’t used it, is there another 13-week class book that you’re aware of?

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Bible Chart: Changes Involved in Conversion

Here’s another Bible chart that I got in an email from a friend. It covers a very basic topic, but like the last chart, this one could be used to do several different things too. It would probably work best as a bulletin board with some tweaking on the layout. I hope you find it useful for something though:

Bible Chart - Changes Involved in Conversion

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Daily Nudge: best class study book

Name what is, in your opinion, the best Bible class study book out there. What makes it so good? Be sure to include a link, if you can, of where to purchase it, since a reader might be inspired by your praise of it.

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