Jesus in Hebrews 1

Eddie Parrish helps us in Hebrews 1:

Because Jesus: (1) is the one through whom God has spoken in these last days, (2) is the heir of God, (3) is the creator of the world, (4) is the radiance of God’s glory, (5) is the exact representation of God’s nature, (6) is the one who cleansed our sins, (7) is seated at God’s right hand, (8) is superior to angels, (9) is God’s Son, (10) is worshiped even by angels, (11) righteously rules an eternal kingdom, (12) will outlast the universe, (13) and sends out angels to do his bidding as they serve on behalf of Christians, then there is NO ONE who deserves our allegiance more than He.

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Wake up, get up and show up at Bible-study tomorrow

When you hold a Bible in your hands, do you know how much it cost?

I’m not looking for a fiscal answer. The Bible cost more than any financial total that can be tallied.

Long before any red-letter edition was published, pages of the Bible were colored red . That’s because the book we can hold in our hands cost men and women their lives. Some died at the hands of false-Christians and others at the hands of violent unbelievers. Regardless of who took their life, men and women of the past gave their life because they had faith, a desire for the common man to read the word of God, and a love for God’s message.

Consider that, and then consider how the church has a hard time getting Christians to show up and study the Bible today. Some congregations don’t even have Bible-study classes. Brothers and sisters – that’s a problem!

The Bible is the best-seller that most Christians aren’t sold on studying. Do you see the irony?

Wake up, get up and show up at Bible-study tomorrow.

I will meditate on Your precepts, and contemplate Your ways. I will delight myself in Your statutes; I will not forget Your word. Deal bountifully with Your servant, that I may live and keep Your word. Open my eyes, that I may see wondrous things from Your law.” (Psalm 119:15-18)

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New site for sermon and class outlines

You might be interested in a new website for outlines, ideas, and seeds for sermons and Bible classes, with a different twist, called Sermon Lines. So far, an introduction and an outline have been posted.

Disclosure: I am, er, involved in this particular site.

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Bible Chart on Examples of Conversions

Here’s a good and basic chart describing what people did according to the scriptures to become a Christian during the first years of the gospel. Multiple lessons could be taught with it, one of which is that it’s good for people to compare what they have been taught in the religious world to what the Bible teaches when it comes to salvation and what must be done in our response to the invitation of the gospel of Jesus.Bible Chart - Examples of Conversion

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Tot’s Bible class answer

Jay Nordlinger of National Review says it really happened in a four- and five-year-old Bible school class yesterday.

Teacher: “Elliott, what is a hymn?”

Elliott: “A boy?”


Anybody talk about Whitney Houston yesterday in a…

Anybody talk about Whitney Houston yesterday in a sermon or Bible class? I did, since the sad note fit into a sermon point quite well. See my outline, through Google Translate’s bad rendering:

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Clever Way to Handle Revelation

I am currently teaching Revelation on Wednesday night. We finished our last lesson midway through chapter 16. The study is challenging but empowering as we see the clear gospel and the power of God.

One of our men found an old Adult Bible Quarterly from 2000 on Revelation. We recently spent a good bit of time working through chapter 13 because it is such a difficult chapter. He was curious to see what this book said about that chapter.

He soon discovered that this Quarterly had a clever way of handling Revelation — you skip all the hard chapters. Chapter 13 wasn’t even covered. They also skipped chapters 16-18 and 20-21. hmmm

This may make it easier on the writer but it doesn’t do anything for the teacher or the student. While these chapters are difficult to understand, they are also very powerful testaments to the glory and plan of God.

Ignoring them is an insult to the Holy Spirit’s efforts to give them to us and leaves us without the full message of judgment. How can that benefit anyone?

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Bible Class Teachers

If you’ve ever been a Bible class teacher or had one, than I need you for my next project.

For information, please head over to my blog and see how you can participate. See you there 🙂

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“God don’t make mistakes!”

One of my greatest joys is teaching the Wednesday night Kindergarten Bible class. These five and six year olds keep me on my toes and help me sleep very well on Wednesday nights.

Our recent lesson was about King Joash (2 Kings 11). He was only seven years old when he became King of Judah and out of love for God, this young man, restored the temple.

I made a big deal out of Joash only being seven and even said, “Did you know that seven year olds could be king?” I was quickly informed by a cute little boy, “That doesn’t happen anymore ‘cause my sister turned seven and she didn’t become King!”

Some of the students thought that maybe having a 7 year old king wasn’t a good idea (apparently, there are some 7 years old, known to people in my class, that are mean to dogs). Right when I thought I had lost control, one boy set the class straight when he said, “God don’t make bad decisions.”

I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Near the end of the class, one boy declared that when he grew up, he was going to be a preacher! I was so proud and then he added, “Only if the monster-truck driving thing doesn’t work out.”

I hope you’re teaching a Bible class and I especially want to encourage you to get involved in a children’s Bible class. These kids need to see faithful men and women, besides their parents, who love God and His Word.

They need you and, trust me, you need them.


Adult Sunday AM class is studying “The …

Adult Sunday AM class is studying “The Four-Fold Gospel”. We’ve been in John for the past few weeks. This is a lecture style class with encouraged discussion. No books. Teacher sometimes gives suggested reading for the next class.

Adult Wed. PM class is studying 1,2,3 John. We have books. Teacher uses Power Point slides to lecture and gives assigned questions to answer in the book.

What’s next? Teachers usually take suggestions from the class and then work something up.

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Unique practice in our congregation

One of our ladies has a children’s class during the evening worship service. She did have it during the morning worship until we showed her she needs to be in the worship service herself. Parents were coming at 11:00 instead of 10:00 when our Bible classes are held, and the lady was teaching for two hours. She now teaches during the Bible class hour and at night, and on Wednesday evenings. She loves teaching the children.


What development in the church is encouraging?

I am encouraged by the increases in faithfulness I’m seeing locally. There are people attending Bible study now who were formerly just attending worship. There is more participation in the worship from the attendance we’ve had in our weekly training class. More men are responding to lead prayer and to read scripture. Last Sunday, we talked about the Lord’s Supper and when I decided to let the students off a little more easily, one of them suggested we have more time to practice heading the table. That was very encouraging.

I’m not seeing the numbers I’d like to see, but that comes with time and God’s decision to “give the increase.” But what we are seeing is encouraging. It isn’t like it was for me in the past. Used to be, when I started working with a church, there would always be some kind of discouragement come at least 3-5 months. This time, however, nothing that bad has happened. Cooperation is strong and everyone seems to be drawing closer to God. It continues as a positive experience.

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I am encouraged, at least locally at Che…

I am encouraged, at least locally at Cherry St Church of Christ in New Albany, IN the added emphasis this year on reading the Word of God on a more regular basis. We post on the board for our Bible classes, “Daily Bible readers,” and “Bibles brought.” This year these numbers are up, especially “Bibles Brought.” God is blessing us.

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Who have I helped to know God lately? We…

Who have I help know God lately?

I play a small part in our local weekly television broadcast of the gospel, which covers El Paso county and surrounding counties.

I am one of the Bible class teachers, teaching our adult class on Sunday mornings.

Since January of this year, my Bible study blog has reached out to almost 24,000 visitors with almost 100,000 pages being viewed as of this date.

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