Preachers, teachers: Post your sermons, lessons (and a cartoon)

We invite preachers (and Bible school teachers too, why not?) to post a synopsis of your lessons today. Please share the main idea, the “so what?” of your lesson(s) especially. You can do this in the comments, or email us and we’ll give the lesson its own post.

TFR Fellows, of course, are expected to make their own posts.

To encourage you, this little cartoon:


Some encouragement, right?!

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What do we do differently?

I’m having deja vu here. I think this topic has been covered before. None the less…

When we assemble on Sunday mornings, we worship first and then have our Bible classes. I thought it odd at first, but have grown to prefer it. The emphasis of our assembling is placed on worship and the Lord’s supper. The downside is that it often confuses our visitors.

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A “Rude Awakening.”

I wonder how many of us would fit into this cartoon? I am glad that  we can  be in a  Bible class in our  congregation. At Cherry Street, we have  2 “adult” classes (probably need a  3rd one–maybe the  one the brother above is called into). 

We have one class for  “post-College” age up to “early 50’s.”  Also, we have  an older  adult  class comprised of what  some  call “senior saints,” probably 55-?.  Our  oldest  class member is  88 yrs old.

I was  wondering  how many  adult calsses you all have.  (Note:  we have   about  85-100 in  mroning attendance), so I’m sure  the  larger the  congregation, perhaps  the  more classes available

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