Memory requires exercise

Last night, in the airport, I asked The Missus for any telephone numbers she could remember of friends. I’d forgotten to take my cellphone. I was thinking that, if I had car problems on the hour-long drive home, at least I’d have some phone numbers written down in my agenda.

What few numbers I keep are in my cellphone. I couldn’t recall any number at all. Fortunately, she could.

Like most everything else, memory requires exercise. We complain that we can’t remember things. Our lack of memory is probably due to lack of mental exercise. We depend upon our devices to provide recall.

Considering our mental laziness, extra effort is needed to remember the Word of God. Things we need to do to remember it? Continue reading

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Social media bring transparency and accessibility

Transparency and accessibility are two of the great positives of social media. And both can have their downsides. But I just participated in a thread with the owner of a major political website. Paul Ryan an Sarah Palin have yet to show up, though. Should this not spell the end of the autopen, that mechanical, impersonal, secretive tool of government?

• July’s issue of Bulletin Digest came in the mail a few days ago. In a time when information is overwhelming, the editors cull the best from the brotherhood for the brotherhood. Why not get your copy?

• A penguin was discovered on the beach just down from our city. (We’re about an hour and a half away from the ocean.) I knew it was cold, but this is ridiculous! He was lost. Young one. His GPS must have been out of whack.

• Last Sunday, for the first time in weeks, I failed to post my English devotional, translated from the Portuguese original. I did get the latter done, however. It’s been well received, with a good number of comments, thanks to a few faithful. And don’t miss my journey entry from yesterday, titled “Is Facebook in the Bible?” Hint: I found it in Proverbs.

• Speaking of Proverbs, Jon Warnes says many of the future verses to memorize (which Richard H. is posting here and elsewhere) will come from Proverbs. God knows we need wisdom in our day. If you haven’t been memorizing or have fallen away from the faith (of memorization), start with number 51, which is fast arriving, and do the remaining 50 with us.

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Day 30 – John 5:24

NET  “I tell you the solemn truth, the one who hears my message and believes the one who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned, but has crossed over from death to life.

NIV  “I tell you the truth, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life and will not be condemned; he has crossed over from death to life.

NASB  “Truly, truly, I say to you, he who hears My word, and believes Him who sent Me, has eternal life, and does not come into judgment, but has passed out of death into life.

ESV  Truly, truly, I say to you, whoever hears my word and believes him who sent me has eternal life. He does not come into judgment, but has passed from death to life.

NKJV  “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who hears My word and believes in Him who sent Me has everlasting life, and shall not come into judgment, but has passed from death into life.

KJV  Verily, verily, I say unto you, He that heareth my word, and believeth on him that sent me, hath everlasting life, and shall not come into condemnation; but is passed from death unto life.


He who speaks in a tongue

on speaking other languagesThe Missus and I started using an online Flashcard service to memorize our Bible verses for the 100 Days of Scripture. Of course, we’re doing it in Portuguese. You can start your own card set in English, if you like. Nifty service. (OK, so, yes, I forgot and created the name of it in English. One of the hazards of being bilingual.)

• Speaking of bilingual, you’ve probably heard me tell this joke, which I recalled after reading Alan Smith’s devotional yesterday. Goes like this. What do you call a person who speaks several languages? A polyglot. And a person who speaks two languages? Bilingual. And a person who speaks just one language? An American.

• Alan’s devotional, you ask? I’ll see if I still have it and post it. It’s not online that I can find. He does a great job on those. Recommended.

• Going to be a busy weekend. Tomorrow morning, I teach the three-hour advanced study on the Biblical model, part 3. Four friends of The Maiden are coming tomorrow and staying through Sunday, for her birthday. (She asked for a Portuguese/English bilingual Bible for her present.) I’m preaching Sunday at both SJCampos and Taubaté, a rare occurrence these days. Oh, and there’s the church bulletin to do still.

• GBN Program Director Jim Dearman was kind enough to send an article about Barry Gilreath to BNc, “The Dream of God.” Be sure to read it.

• Once upon a time there was a little poetry group called Christian Poets. It didn’t last long. I must have had too many irons in the fire to keep it going. Swapping out some poems with Rick K. recently has made me wish it was still active. It had the niftiest little forum, which I still am partial to.

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Nudge: your experience in Bible memorization

Richard H. started this whole ball rolling. So we’ll let it bleed over into a Nudge to ask what has been your experience, from childhood up to the present, with memorizing scriptures. Special challenges or blessings?

Richard and I chatted a bit last night about our experiences and needs in this area.

If you’re interested in the 100 Days of Scripture program, see the links at the site where you can sign up to get the verses by email.


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10 verses to memorize

When I asked the question this morning, I gave a bit of thought to my answer. A very little bit. Thought of covering the whole of theology in 10 verses. Might that be possible? So here goes my attempt.

1. God. So we have to go to Deuteronomy 6:4: “Hear, O Israel: The LORD our God, the LORD is one” (NET). The beginning of the Shema, that every Jew, so I’m told, recites constantly.

2. Christ. Already the choices become difficult. I’ll go with: “And the Word became flesh and dwelt among us, and we have seen his glory, glory as of the only Son from the Father, full of grace and truth” (John 1:14).

3. Holy Spirit. Romans 8:11, I think, because it links in the Spirit both Jesus’ resurrection and ours: “Moreover if the Spirit of the one who raised Jesus from the dead lives in you, the one who raised Christ from the dead will also make your mortal bodies alive through his Spirit who lives in you.”

4. Man. There is so much in Genesis 1:27 that teaches about the crown of God’s creatures: “And God created man in his own image, in the image of God created he him; male and female created he them.”

5. Salvation. I’ll quote Mark 16:16 below and am itching to put in Acts 2:38 here, but an emphasis is needed on the redemptive nature of Christ’s death. So: “For even the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many” (Mark 10:45).

6. Church. Gotta be Matthew 16:18. “And I tell you, you are Peter, and on this rock I will build my church, and the gates of hell shall not prevail against it.”

7. Morality. Definitely 1 Peter 1:14-16, which is one sentence, so it’s not cheating to quote three verses: “As obedient children, do not be conformed to the passions of your former ignorance, but as he who called you is holy, you also be holy in all your conduct, since it is written, ‘You shall be holy, for I am holy.'”

8. Mission. Verses 15 and 16 belong together, so don’t gimme no hassle when I choose the Great Commission from Mark 16: “And he said to them, Go into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole creation. Whoever believes and is baptized will be saved, but whoever does not believe will be condemned.'”

9. Eschatology. Let’s let the Lord Jesus tell it: “And if I go and prepare a place for you, I will come again and will take you to myself, that where I am you may be also” (John 14:3).

10. Bible. Out of many good verses, an old standard to speak of the precious Book divine: “All Scripture is breathed out by God and profitable for teaching, for reproof, for correction, and for training in righteousness, that the man of God may be competent, equipped for every good work” (2 Timothy 3:16-17).

Well, nothing about angelology or several other -ologies of systematic theology, but this is a good start, wouldn’t you say?

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Daily Nudge: 10 key memory verses — and news

This one requires some thought. I recall that, in his book Family of God, Batsell Barrett Baxter included a list of over 100 verses he thought important for a Christian to memorize.

Let’s go small scale: What 10 verses do you think a Christian should commit to memory?

Finally, don’t forget to share a bit of news about the saints. Or even one saint.

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