Practical Suggestions for Improving Bible School

By: Johnny O. Trail — These suggestions are intended to be twofold in nature. Some of these suggestions are intended for teachers and some are intended for parents and adults who are in our Bible study classes. These suggestions are intended to enhance our study of God’s word and to demonstrate the significance of God’s word in our lives.

A teacher needs to understand that the greatest privilege we have in this life is to teach God’s word to children and adults. No other work we seek to accomplish has eternal consequences. Thus, we must note that our teaching and associated attitudes impact a person very deeply. To that end, we might make a few suggestions to enhance the experience for those in our classes.

Be prepared and on time for you class. Most people are woefully unable to deliver a lesson “off the cuff.” Sometimes this is unavoidable; especially when you are asked to teach a class at the very last moment. That fact not typically being the case, teachers need to have their materials ready and their lessons studied before walking into the classroom. When one is perpetually late and unprepared, it demonstrates that Bible class is not a priority in their lives. Kids and adults pick up on this non-verbal message and immolate what they perceive. Continue reading

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Study guides to the book of James

David Lemmons has made available extensive Bible study guides in PDF format for the book of James. Get them here for individual chapters or in a single PDF to bind them all.

In an age when people profess one thing and practice another, the study of the book of James is direly needed.

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The list of commandments

Well, I had to get this list nailed down. One of the hardest things to do, choose among the many (all of them!) good and important commandments of our Lord. Here’s the list, which I threw into Google Translator and tweaked slightly, for time’ sake.

The commandments of Christ

  1. Introduction: The imperative of the gospel
  2. The message of the Kingdom: Repent (Matthew 4:17, Mark 1:15)
  3. The call of discipleship: Follow Me (Matt. 4:19)
  4. The confrontation of our brother: Show him his error (Mt 18:15-20)
  5. The commitment of marriage: Let no one put asunder (Matt. 19:4-6)
  6. Supreme confidence: Have faith in God (Mark 11:22-26)
  7. The danger of deception: Beware (Mark 13.5ss)
  8. The VIP treatment: Do unto others as you want them to do to you (Luke 6:31)
  9. Selfless generosity: Give (Luke 6:38)
  10. The result of hope: Rejoice (Luke 10:20)
  11. The right job: Work for food that endures to eternal life (John 6:27)
  12. The example of Jesus: Do what I did (Jn 13:15)
  13. The mission: Make disciples (Matthew 28:19-20).

Thanks to all those who made suggestions. This list reflects many of our needs here, from my perspective.

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Daily Nudge: best class study book

Name what is, in your opinion, the best Bible class study book out there. What makes it so good? Be sure to include a link, if you can, of where to purchase it, since a reader might be inspired by your praise of it.

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Where is some adult Bible school materia…

Where is some adult Bible school material online for free download by brethren?


Adult Sunday AM class is studying “The …

Adult Sunday AM class is studying “The Four-Fold Gospel”. We’ve been in John for the past few weeks. This is a lecture style class with encouraged discussion. No books. Teacher sometimes gives suggested reading for the next class.

Adult Wed. PM class is studying 1,2,3 John. We have books. Teacher uses Power Point slides to lecture and gives assigned questions to answer in the book.

What’s next? Teachers usually take suggestions from the class and then work something up.

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Our Classes in Clinton, IL

Since we’re small, we tend to be guided more by content than the calendar when it comes to our classes. It works for us quite well. Currently, on Sunday morning’s, our adult class is studying 1 Timothy. I teach a youth class (2 of our recent converts, ages 10 & 12) and am using David Pharr’s “Beginning of Our Confidence” (a very good fundamentals book). On Sunday nights we’re preparing to begin a study on Hebrews (we use the last 15 minutes of our assembly for our Pew Packers class). On Weds, we currently have divided classes based on gender. The men & boys are studying what it takes to be a “real man of God” (spending a lot of time in 1 Tim 3) and also leadership training (presenting devos, leading singing, etc.). My 5 year old lead a song in class last week and my 7 year old presented a 2-minute devo (on what life would be like if there was no God). Even my son who is almost 2 years old tries to get involved after class (he loves to go up to the podium, open his NT, look around, say “Amen” and then sit down–LOL). The ladies and girls are studying a lot from Titus 2, etc.

Baby #4 is only 15 days away (according to the due date, anyway). I’ve been kidding Ranae about her delivering on this Thursday! 🙂

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Daily Nudge: Bible school topic — and news

What course, topic or book are you studying this quarter and next (which starts next Sunday) in your Bible school program? asks the nosy Daily Nudge. Tell us all about it. Be you the teacher of the twos or backseat snoozer. Though I can’t imagine any of the Fellows in the later category, or even a cause of in-class napping.

Do you use printed material? Any interesting features of the class? Men on one side, women on the other? Handouts by the teacher? Team teachers? Special type of curriculum?

Here, a couple of the guys have a rotating schedule at work, such as one who works for the railroad, so they team teach. One example. I’ll chime in more tonight after my day is over.

Ah, and what news do you bear to us from the far country?

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Adult Bible lesson nicely done

In this pdf handout for Bible school, I like the two divisions Larry gives in Matt. 11: revelation and invitation. Check it out HERE.

Two bad those two divisions don’t sound as good in Portuguese, no rhyme in the translation. 🙂

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Don’t in Bible Class

This from 21st Century Christian‘s “e-Teacher Digest,” called “Teaching Tip: Dont’s About Bible Teaching:”

1. Don’t ever embarrass a child.
2. Don’t ever talk harshly to a child.
3. Don’t depend upon the manual for your teaching.
4. Don’t add to your stories where the Bible has not added.
5. Don’t be afraid of their questions. (Handle them.)
6. Don’t give a child busy work.
7. Don’t have “round robin” reading in Bible class.
8. Don’t ask children to do what you aren’t willing to do. (Memory work, role-playing, test, etc.)
9. Don’t allow children to make fun of other children or class activities.
10. Don’t use the same teaching method all the time.

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