The purpose of the New Testament

By Douglas M. Williams, Sr — “And she will bring forth a Son, and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins” (Matthew 1:21).

“For God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son, that whoever believes in Him should not perish but have everlasting life” (John 3:16).

“For I am not ashamed of the gospel of Christ, for it is the power of God to salvation for everyone who believes, for the Jew first and also for the Greek” (Romans 1:16).

“For the grace of God that brings salvation has appeared to all men” (Titus 2:11).

The New Testament tells us of the fulfillment of Old Testament prophecies of the coming of Christ, and the establishment of the church that provides salvation for us. Prophecies and the teachings of the New Testament show us that the message of the Bible is about Christ and the salvation He made possible for us. Continue reading

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Are you judgmental? This is much easier to be guilty of than one realizes. We all have opinions, and we think our opinions are right. Thus, when we are asked, some of us can come across in a rather judgmental way. The topic of discussion does not matter. I have heard it countless times that any conservative republican is a legalistic and narrow-minded radical, or a liberal democrat does not have any rationality to him (her), and neither does that one live by a moral code higher than self. Comments like these are not helpful to serious conversation.

Christians are not immune to such sentiments. There are many who will talk about “our” church as being the only faithful congregation around. Some will talk against another’s church concerning their unfaithfulness and eternal destiny. This is not wise; the truth of it (or not) may be obvious, but who determines this? Is it anyone of us (2 Timothy 2:19)? My encouragement to one an all is simply this: judgment belongs exclusively to the Lord; those who fail to obey His will, will experience that soon enough. Our responsibilities lie with helping another understand what the Bible teaches and encourage all to obey it, and this includes you and me. RT

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Doctrine Matters

by Johnny O. Trail

A sermon provided from an online church source seeks to expand the role of women in the worship assembly. It is incredible to consider the lengths that some are willing to go to legitimize unscriptural practices. The error contained in this series regarding the role of women in worship is legion in nature and space would not allow an adequate refutation of doctrines espoused by the one proclaiming the message. One or two comments deserve some attention.

In arguing for expanding the role of women, the speaker says, “Jesus saves and not our doctrine.” In another place, the same speaker says that we are “safe in Jesus not in law keeping.” The implication of these statements seems clear—doctrine regarding practice and observance of worship is not important. Students of God’s word beg to differ. Continue reading

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New discoveries when I’m teaching


Here’s the pic from our pizza party Friday night in Taubate. Good friends here. I took this with Haroldo’s camera, so I had to tinker with it, since it had no flash. This was after we demolished the food. Nothing left.

The pics from the birthday party last night are here.

Did I tell you already that I’ll be away some from the Internet this week, as we travel? I can’t remember to whom I’ve said what. Such is the whirl of preparation.

Do carry on normally. More than normal. Take up the slack for me, please.

We saw the granddaughter tonight on skype, did the usual grandparent-baby-talk thing. My parents didn’t have that blessing when our kids were growing up on a different continent from them. They sacrificed a lot as we did our work. His work. And they did it gladly, mostly.

I preached this morning, taught our new Bible school this afternoon, led singing, also. I think I’ve finally gotten used to leading singing. At least, among the brethren here in Brazil. Don’t ask me to do it in the U.S. Scares me to death.

But I love to teach. Preach, also. The more the merrier. The interaction in teaching, though, is what makes it even more interesting to me. Love to draw people out. Make ’em think. Challenge in the best way possible, toward growth, toward love for the Lord, toward commitment to the Kingdom.

I often make new discoveries when I’m teaching — in the act of teaching, not just the preparation. The back-and-forth discussion seems to make that happen. Something about that dynamic. You know I’m not charismatic, nothing like that, but the Spirit of God moves powerfully to bring out his truth in such moments. Is it OK to attribute that happening to the Spirit? No miracles, no supernatural revelation, just God working, as he does everywhere, in everything.

Well, I have bags to pack. Or maybe I’ll sleep on it, and in the morning see what clothes fall in the suitcase during the night.

Say a prayer for our trip, please.

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What is my favorite Bible book to teach?…

What is my favorite Bible book to teach? I have always enjoyed studying and teaching Hebrews. It has so many pertinent concepts that need reinforced continually–Christianity is superior to Judaism, there has always been a pattern for God’s people to follow, the lessons of the Old Testament are relevant for us today, the old covenant has been replaced by a new covenant, this new covenant is special in that it is a testament of Jesus Christ, and others points that the world need to hear proclaimed. I was blessed to have Clyde Woods (AKA Doc Woods) for this class at Freed-Hardeman University. I never tire of studying from this epistle.

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Between Matthew and Luke, I pick …

… the gospel of Luke. These gospel accounts are two of my favorites to teach. Hard to choose, as Don said, and I don’t begrudge the complaint.

Luke is the gospel of the down and out. The gospel of repentance. The Good News for individuals. The gospel of joy and the Holy Spirit. (Those two go together.) The blessed story of the Ideal Man who knows the right word, the best action, the perfect touch.

Right now, however, I’m concentrating my energies on 1 Corinthians and Hebrews, with only a couple of weeks to prepare, as I step into an almost emergency situation in a preacher training school, to pick up these two courses that got left without a teacher. Prayers are needed for this prep. Desperately. I need all the help I can on such short notice. I pray I’ll not leave the students wanting.

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Daily Nudge: fav book to teach — and news

Assuming that most of our Fellows are teachers, the Nudge asks, what Bible book is your favorite to teach?

I just mentioned to John that I’m in a whirl preparing to teach two courses on Bible books in a preacher training school at the end of the month, for an entire week. I had about three weeks notice — it was something of an emergency when their teacher fell through. So November’s going to be a blur for me. So the Nudge comes from that blurry vision.

Thanks, John, for sharing the news about this great brother in the Kingdom. May God give him rest and peace and great reward, and to his family comfort and joy in his life and work.

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Don’t do Facebook, don’t like Twitter?…

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