If you don't keep up, you can't operate

stay-up-to-dateIf you don’t keep up, you can’t operate. So I get a notice from Skype when I tried to log in this morning, in order to wish my mother a happy birthday, and the service wouldn’t let me connect. It told me to go get the latest OS X (Mac operating system) and update my Skype software. New hardware, new software, you have to stay up to date, or lose out.

A few days ago, I clicked to open what was supposedly a super-spiffy Bible site. It told me to go update my system and then come back. Well! Imagine that! In order to read their material (the Bible, yet), I had to have up-to-the-minute software. Continue reading

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Dated lexical resources result in error

thayers-greek-english-lexicon-of-the-new-testamentNote: In two separate emails Stephen Lord shared the following information about lexical pitfalls when studying the original languages of the Bible. He has generously allow us to reproduce them here.

Just a couple examples I recently stumbled across showing, in a small way, why using dated lexical resources can result in some error.

I’ve mentioned before that Thayer’s is popular because it is cheap; the copyright is expired and it has been coded to Strong’s numbering system, making for a tempting shortcut in language studies.
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