Be careful, little tongue: words and Bible truth

Sometimes people use words and phrases that are not in the Bible, but are consistent with Bible truth. For example, “Trinity” never appears in Scripture, but when used to describe “the three Personalities that share the Divine Nature,” it is consistent with the Bible’s presentation of God.

Sometimes people use words and phrases that are not in the Bible, but are not consistent with Bible truth. One example of this is the common phrase, “Get saved and baptized.” This phrase is not consistent with God’s Word concerning either salvation or baptism.

The implication is that someone is “saved,” and then, at some later hour or day, they are baptized, separate from the “getting saved” part. This phrase misrepresents the Bible doctrine of salvation, as baptism is a requisite part of “getting saved,” not something done afterward (cf. 1 Pet. 3:21).

Consider Jesus’ words: “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved.” (Mark 16:16). Notice that salvation follows baptism (as so in every case). Not only is the phrase “get saved and baptized” not in the Bible, but it doesn’t accurately represent anything in the Bible either.

Such empty phrases betray God’s Word, and condemn those who accept them blindly. This phrase should be put to death. Compare all things – even common and seemingly innocent phrases – with God’s Word.

—Rick Kelley, Prestonsburg KY church

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Daily Nudge: most misused word — and news

What is the most misused and abused word in the Bible? In your book. Candidates abound. If you want to go off into a treatise about false doctrine, that’ll be fine. Or just a brief mention of the word and how it’s mistreated.

After two days of intense prep for these classes at month’s end, I’m already behind. Yikes! (Is that a euphemism?)

Tell me, oh, tell me, some news of the saints.
A light-hearted story, a preacher who faints;
Or serious progress in lands from afar,
But nothing too tragic or sad or bizarre.

Oh, I heard tell that some network did a special on Mary Winkler. They’ll revisit this story time and again. We ought to expect that, if not like it.

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