Follow-up article to “Effects of Change in Church”

Some days ago BNc published an article about the ill effects of change in the church, by Daron Hoggatt. He sent us a follow-up article, “Does It Really Matter?,” which you may download in PDF format here. Daron shares a bit more of his experience and move to another congregation, along with some scriptural reflections.

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Glenda on BNc has added our good sister Glenda Williams of Geneva, Ala., as its newest Correspondent. Check the end of the About page for her listing. She’ll have yet another news report today, scheduled to appear in a few moments, says managing editor Barbara A. Oliver.


This invitation is almost a year old, bu…

This invitation is almost a year old, but it’s still as fresh as the day I wrote it and the need as great.

To further that awareness and to cultivate that solidarity, BNc was born. And as a part of that mission, we invite you to partner with BNc. Dub yourself a BNc patron. You need no one’s permission to work on behalf of this effort to strengthen our sense of brotherhood. Here are some ideas what you can do.

Our good sister Barbara A. Oliver is now Managing Editor, and she’ll second the invitation.

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Have been working on the BNc site, with a couple of new stories, as well as lots of new links on that page, and a new calendar of events, with three new items there. You can suggest events of regional, national and international interest (hint).

And, if I can get to it by year’s end, a major editorial is in the works for BNc/FMag/TFR, etc. Before the company comes tomorrow.

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