Very bold: 2 Corinthians 3.12 VOTD

“Therefore, since we have such a hope, we are very bold.”

2 Corinthians 3.12 NIV

The Christian’s hope is wrapped up in the glorious ministry of the Spirit which does not diminish as did the fading radiance of Moses face.

How can you still be humble while being bold? What form does this boldness take?

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“You’ll be a man, my son.”

I never think of what a real man is without thinking of the beautiful poem “If” by Rudyard Kipling. In high school I had to memorize it. In later life we bought the print, had it framed and gave it to our son for a gift. It is too long to insert here, but if you have never read it I think you would enjoy it. It is easily found on the Internet.

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What Is A Real Man?

The Nudge is asking what a real man is.

A real man is:

1. A man with deep convictions.
2. A man of boldness.
3. A man of character and integrity.
4. A man who does not fear reprisals.
5. A man who is not willing to compromise.
6. A man who is willing to suffer for the cause of Christ.
7. A man of grief and compassion.
8. A man who is not afraid to proclaim God’s judgment.
9. A man who is not afraid to rebuke sin.
10. A man who is not afraid to speak out on morality and ethics.
11. A man who has a never-give-up attitude.
12. A man of the Book.

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My Thanksgiving holiday was great except for my terrible cold and my sore right foot due to a bout with gout. No matter – God is still good and still reigns over the affairs of men!

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Tonight I had the privilege of listening…

Tonight I had the privilege of listening to a brother who is 92 years of age deliver the devotion at our midweek Bible study. He spoke with passion about the need for all Christians to set the right example. He told a very moving story about a young man who entered the service and was away from home for the first time. The young man had grown up reading his Bible each night and now he wrestled with the prospect of reading his Bible away from home. The first night in the barracks he thought about getting away from everyone to read for fear that the older boys might give him a hard time. He decided that he would not be embarrassed by the fact that he was a Christian and he boldly took out his Bible to read. The first night a few comments were made and the other guys were loud and boisterous while the young man read his Bible. The next night when he got out his Bible, twelve other men took out their Bibles to read and everyone was quiet. As time went by, the other men in the barracks came to this young man with their problems, cares, and concerns. His boldness and example had won them over. May God help all of us to be so bold that we are never afraid to let the world around us know that we belong to Jesus.

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