Usually I am not easily bored. Good or bad, I keep several projects going at one time and can usually shift from one to another, even though I am confined by being caregiver for my 99 year old mother who lives with us. At the end of the day when I put her to bed, occasionally I find myself thinking of how I wish I could do different things and my thoughts bring on a “pitty-party.” At that time I recall how I signed on for this and thank God for the opportunity of taking care of her at this time in her life. Do I get bored? Yes, I do.


On Boredom

Regarding boredom, I’ve can always find something profitable to do – even in a doctor’s waiting room. I always take a good Bible-related book written by one of the brethren, so that I’m constantly learning while I’m waiting.

As I grow older, I’m very aware that time is of the essence:

As our Lord once stated:

“I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day: the night cometh, when no man can work” (John 9:4).

Here’s an article I wrote on being productive in a doctor’s waiting room:

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Me bored? Yeah.

A much more desirable personality wouldn’t get bored by very much, but unlike my better fellows, mine has not that characteristic. However, what bores me is similar to two specific things that sometimes drives me bonkers.

Sitting in a doctor’s office for minutes and hours on end is boring. All the magazines are about 100 years old, and, if there is a television, it’s turned on a special channel showing health issues. There’s just so much my eyes can take of the inner workings of the human body.

Dentists’ office are similar, but can be worse when the dentist believes he is a brilliant conversationalist and isn’t.

Similarly, people who give me the same old sad song about why they can’t be more faithful to the Lord’s church and its services bore me. Usually, it’s the same old thing all the time: there are circumstances beyond their control preventing them from showing their love to God on a perpetual basis. Usually, I just smile and take it in stride.

But one of these days someone is going to say, “I was kidnapped by a big red bird with fuzzy, pink feet and couldn’t attend!.” Then, my boredom will exist no more.

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Who? Me, bored?

Don’t know that I ever get bored, but I do get impatient, which is probably as bad or worse than boredom. That’s why I hate lines.

Whether it’s a streak of that American practicality that wants to get it done and over with and then move on to the next thing, or a personality fault of always looking forward to the next project or possibility, I can get disquiet over what is, already wanting what can be.

I have too many ideas and projects to get bored. I should probably try more boredom, that way I’d have fewer sticks in the fire. Or fingers in the pie. Or whatever the phrase is. 🙂

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Honestly, I can’t remember being bored since my mid-teens (I suppose it has happened, but I cannot recall). I am a workaholic, and the various types of work I’m engaged in vary quite a bit so I don’t seem to get tired of working (preaching/writing/studying, bookkeeper, entrepreneur). To me, staying busy is enjoyable. To not be doing something productive is wasting time. More often than not, I have to force myself to slow down and not neglect the other matters in life that are really important (wife & kids!).

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Yes, I do get bored, but it is not somet…

Yes, I do get bored, but it is not something that happens often. I have often said that I am a dull, boring, routine fellow – and I like being this way. I am dull, because the things that interest me are not those things that a great many others care to take up. I am boring because I am happy being around the house with my wife or at the office working. For excitement, I make a pot of coffee and tend to matters local. A couple of summers ago, I attempted to add excitement to my life by coaching an American Legion Baseball team; I quickly found out I was out of my league (no pun), though I did finish. My routine is…well… routine, and I like that also.


Daily Nudge: boredom — and news

Do you ever get bored? If so, when, under what circumstances, in what kinds of situations?

The dictionaries’ definitions of boredom always include the word “bored:” the condition or state of. Doesn’t help much, does it? Compact Oxford says of bored, “feeling weary because one is unoccupied or lacks interest in one’s current activity.” That’s better.

We’ve all heard the kids complain of boredom, nothing to do, and probably have all answered, “Then I’ll find something for you to do,” which, as we already knew, sends them scampering away in fear of that parental something.

But who finds something to do for the adult?


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