Are moderns worse than primitive peoples?

The history of contact in Brazil with the indigenous populations tells a convoluted story. One organization recently reported that two Amazon Indians decided to return to their forest homes after a time among so-called civilized folk. Continue reading

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Beauty all around us in many forms

When man doesn’t destroy it, beauty is to be found all around us. And beauty comes in all forms, such as sound. This morning, as I sat quietly in the living room feeling the arrival of the dawn, suddenly a bird warbled loudly not far outside the window. I arose and went to the window hoping to see it, but there was no sign of it. It came, let loose its short song, and was off again. Continue reading

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The outsider feels his status — and wants in

In our Bible reading group Wednesday night, we had one non-Christian who has been attending sporadically for a year. He married a fairly new Christian. During the reading, I asked each person how long they had been baptized. He, of course, had no reply.

Afterwards, he asked to meet with me privately. He came to the house Friday night to ask for a study in preparation for baptism. Continue reading

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Convenience and connectivity cost too much

Convenience comes at a price. It may seem paradoxical, but usually that price is measured in the loss of health. Convenience purports to save time, but we don’t seem to be better off in that area, do we? Often, too, we pay dearly in monetary cost. Continue reading

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Son baptizes mother in Brazil

An evangelist in Bahia state wrote that Gilmar taught and baptized his own mother. Now there are eight members of the same family in Christ. Click below for photos.

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Brazil loss in World Cup called ‘historic humiliation’


It’s a good thing that Paulistas have a state holiday today, so we can hide ourselves in shame over last night’s unbelievable defeat by Germany in the World Cup semifinals. Early in the game, Germany’s first goal dismantled their opponent, as they went on to score four goals in short succession. With a final score of 7 to 1, the loss even more shocking on home turf, in our beloved Mineirão stadium in Belo Horizonte, we came away wanting to hear how our star team could come so close yet lose so dramatically. How to explain the inexplicable, as two players said? Continue reading

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Pray: a new church start?

This just in from our good brother José Antonio in Salvador, Bahia, Brazil (my translation):

My student from the city of Itaberaba, Bahia state, requested we go there and said that he has many people interested in the truth. He also said that he has been a city councilman for a long time and the people there respect him a lot, since he never mixes politics with his religion where he serves as a deacon. I am planning a trip there next week, where we will teach them, and since he asked for the true baptism, with others there, I will try to start a church there also, and plan several trips there to teach them. The distance is almost 300 km, I will leave material there. Pray for this trip also.

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