An Example of Ecclesiological Hypertrophy

I always knew Randal to be smart. I had no idea of the existence of the terminology, much less its meaning, until I grabbed my dictionary.

Where is there exaggerated growth (or emphasis) in the church (at least this is how I understand the terminology)? The only way I would know how to answer this question is in numerical associations. I hear (or have heard) such things as the following:

-Let us build a building, and then people will come.
-Let us meet in homes Sunday evening rather than the building, and then people will come.
-Let us not preach on negative things, and then people will come.
-Let us emphasize love, and then people will come.
-Let us use power point (visual) presentations, and then people will come.

An unfair exaggeration? Probably, but it is something I have noticed. Consequently, I have been putting a great deal of emphasis on the “duty” of the preacher as revealed in Scripture in my own personal reading; am I insecure in doing this? I do not feel that I am, but I sure want to place the right priority on that which the Lord places priority.

In my local effort, I have put emphasis upon the sentiment of Ephesians 4:11-16. As I judge the development of my effort (coupled with that of others), I would like to think progress is being made.

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