Bible Chart: Changes Involved in Conversion

Here’s another Bible chart that I got in an email from a friend. It covers a very basic topic, but like the last chart, this one could be used to do several different things too. It would probably work best as a bulletin board with some tweaking on the layout. I hope you find it useful for something though:

Bible Chart - Changes Involved in Conversion

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It’s No Jigsaw Puzzle But It Does Have A Lot of Pieces

Here’s a picture of a bulletin board that I did not too long ago. I thought it might be a little inspirational for someone else. You can make up whatever words you want, as long as they’re in the official rule book – aka the Bible. If you decide to make a bulletin board like this make sure you start out with a really long word that you can build on. It’s a lot of cutting and planning (I should have done a little more), but if you do it right it’ll be worth it because a triple word score on this board will be the sweetest ever!

Scrabble Bulletin Board

A merry heart does good, like medicine,…” (Proverbs 17:22)

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Chart Request/Nudge

In a couple of weeks we’re redoing all of the bulletin boards in the basement at Keltonburg. There have been a few times in the past when some of the fellows here have posted a sermon chart that I ended up using for a bulletin board, so I was wondering if anyone has a chart that would make a good bulletin board display that you wouldn’t mind sharing with everyone.

If you do have a chart, post it here in the TFR. If you don’t have the chart setup to share here on TFR but you can email it to me that would be great too.

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